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Taldarrin's Station

Deep within the Desert of Tyra lies Taldarrin's Station, a utopia of healing on Zantrya. Operated by the Agaun'di, the hospital has taken in patients of all races. They promise healing to those in need and comfort to those passing on to another life.  Taldarrin's Station is more a collection of small buildings that have grown together over time than a proper hospital. It began as three huts, eventually adding on sturdier buildings to house their patients that grew into a maze of corridors and hallways and more and more levels and rooms were added beside and above the original huts.  Today, Taldarrin's Station can easily house nearly a thousand patients. With wings dedicated to various types of healing or illness, the Agaun'di are more easily able to distribute their tinctures, potions, and salves while monitoring the patients progress and the effectiness of their remedies.  However effective the Agaun'di's remedies may be, there may be, death cannot be avoided. As the hospital grew so did the need to give proper and respectful burials to a variety of species. At the core of the station lies the sacred chambers. While the chambers themsleves are not actually considered sacred, this is where various spiritual leaders are invited to give counsel and aid mourning families. While religious beliefs on Zantryra are a contentious subject, there is no conflict within the walls of the Sacred Chambers or they are dealt with swiftly by the Agaun'di who view any form of conflict as detrimental to the health and recovery of their patients.   Rooms dedicated to research and experimentation are also available for use by the Agaun'di healers. Within the research room, every reasonable accomadation will be met by their fellow researchers to further their work. Over the years many commonly used remedies have been developed, starting off as treatments within the Station before being more widely distributed.


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