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The Poisoned Ravines

Ah yes, The Poisoned Ravines. A mysterious and unexplored place. Located in the inner parts of Earths Ancestral Zvaar, this most toxic string of land is mostly untouched, due to its highly deadly athmosphere. Only the most experienced of adventurers can even think of venturing towards the edges of this deathrap.
— All knowing Lohrk

The Unknown Void

The Poisoned Ravines, which is rumored to be an endless pit of darkness and death, is not only home to many vicious beasts but also possesses treasures which uses surpass even the wildest of our dreams.


In an attempt to make sense of the sheer size of The Poisoned Ravines, experts of various Ranks have explored the depths of this location to their limits. The toxic region was then split into layers, depending on how far down an adventurer of a certain level had come. Even pinnacle Sage existences have a hard time venturing lower than 1100 meters.
Depth Rank
0 - 160m Gold
160 - 450m Fated
450 - 800m Destiny
800 - 1210m Sage

Endless Danger and Fortune

The Poisoned Ravines get their names from all the inedible flora and fauna, as well as from all the dangerous beasts, attacking with poisonous gas, spit and venom. Navigating through these ravines is nearly impossible and constant fighting is needed to survive. the further down the crack, the more deadly the wildlife gets. It is rumored that the goddess of nature created this ravine as a test of true strength and determination for only the true top of the adventuring guilds. Myths tell, that the bottom of this endless abyss holds a supreme artifact, capable of ascending the finder to godhood.
Inhabiting Species
Found Treasures
The Source of the Meridian Refinement: A Magicians Therapy

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