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The Rust Garden

One of the largest and most noticeable remnants of the old world, the Rust Garden is believed to be the final resting place of a battle over the eastern half of the Crownlands. Who fought such a conflict and why is unknown. The reason lost with the men and women who are now bones laying next to the oxidizing remnants of tanks, crashed planes, robotic soldiers, and bombed-out cities.
  Whatever, assumed, weapon created the Rust Gardens has also created a region that is impossible to live in unassisted for anyone but the Red Walkers, it seems. The rusting remnants of the old world have created a sandstorm of grains of metal, at best just floating lazily through the air, waiting to be inhaled. At worst, whipping up into a storm with the power to flay skin and carve open light armor.
  Any weather phenomenon that causes the wind to move is looked at with great trepidation by anyone within the Rust Gardens, and those that live there wear heavy clothing all year long. Regardless of the weather.
  The wildlife of the area is unique and highly specialized. Like the Tank-Jockey Beetle, which uses the remains of tanks to protect itself against predators and the knife-like winds of the area. Most endemic species likely cannot survive outside of it, though they've never been known to wander.
  It's a wonder as to why anyone would enter the area then, if it's so dangerous to simply exist there. That answer, like so many others can be described through words like greed, desperation, and curiosity. 
  There is a lot of untouched old world technology in the area, just waiting to be found. Often clutched in the grasp of the last guy who tried to get it out of the area. Other's wish to try and find the source of the areas strange ecology. Either to solve the regions issue, or to take the secret for themselves and either sell it to the highest bidder or attempt to keep and use it for themselves. Luckily for the rest of us, no one has managed that. Yet.
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The EEZ, The Exclusion
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