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The Silver Wheel


The organisation is divided into covens and congregations. The priestesses and priests of the order have three levels or Degrees that determine a clergy's duties and roles within a congregation, and these holy folk (a maximum of 13 total per group) form a Coven. A coven has a name such as "The Coven of the Moon and Stars" or "The Wyrd Sisters Coven" and governs the worship of the Goddess in their area. Not all Sisters or Brothers have covens, some minister directly to a group like Witches serving in the Avalonian Imperial Navy, such as High Priestess Selene Bloodfist used to in the Avalonian Imperial Marine Corps.

A 1st Degree, Acolyte, is a sort of pastor who teaches the Open Mysteries of the Moon and Stars to the congregation. They are also expected to learn the First Degree Mysteries. Most (75%) of Witches within the Silver Spiral never ascend beyond the first degree, and are quite happy in their role as teachers.

A 2nd Degree is known as a Priestess or Priest and is responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of both the coven and the congregation. They are reponsible to lead observances to the Stars and Moon, such as Full Moon rites (called Esbats (Ess-bats)) and Solar Observances such as the Solstices and Equinoxes of a planet (called Sabbats). Most of the rest of the Witches (20%) remain as Priest/esses for their careers, after learning the Second Degree Mysteries.

The remaining 5% become 3rd Degree or High Priest/ess. They are almost legendary and since only 1 in 20 make it not all covens are led by a 3rd Degree, though a Third Degree oversees every coven. Third Degree Witches are responsible for teaching the First and Second Degree Mysteries and grasping the Third Degree Mysteries.

In the absence of a Second or Third Degree, a First Degree is expected to try to lead the observances as best as they can.

In the absence of a Third Degree, a Second is expected to teach the First Degree Mysteries as best they can.

Tenets of Faith

Witches are drawn together by a single tenet of faith; "An It Harm None, Do As Thou Wilt", which ostensibly means, if you are not hurting anyone, do whatever you want, but has been a topic of debate among Witches for as long as the tenet has existed. What does it really mean?


With the simple rule of An It Harm None, Do As Thou Wilt, a thousand interpretations are possible. Harm None? Who or what counts towards the infinite None, and what constitutes Harm? What about yourself, is harming oneself allowed? And do animals count for harming none? What about Insects? Slime Molds? As you can see, the interpretations are endless, but the most commonly held interpretation, at least among 3rd Degrees is; If nobody or no creature is harmed by your actions (that includes yourself), do whatever you want, but... The inevitable but. But, if anything that can recognise the harm to itself is harmed, whether physically, mentally or emotionally (or spiritually), you must now decide if it is worth the consequences. Because any action that causes harm has consequences, and as a responsible Witch, it is up to you to examine those consequences and decide if it's worth it.


Superstition is the general order of things for the general follower of the Silver Wheel. They justify these superstitions with examples of good or bad things occuring when the conditions of the superstition are met. For example, Shaundar Bloodfist, who is a superstitious follower of both Cethlenn and Arianrhod, believes that it is bad luck to set out on a voyage in a ship when there are no stars to be seen.

Among the priesthood, they may or may not follow similar superstitions, but generally believe that such fates are within their control with enough will.


1st Degree is taken. In otherwords, no one can force you onto the path of priesthood. You must take that first step yourself.

2nd Degree is given. That means that a high priestess or high priest decides you are ready for the responsibilities of priesthood and presents the opportunity for the Acolyte to claim Second Degree.

3rd Degree is realised. Which means, basically you become Third Degree when other Third Degrees think you already are. Then they will initiate the Priest/ess.

Granted Divine Powers

The Witches are granted spellcasting from the Goddess through their Familiars. They also receive the power of Hexes from the Goddess.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Silver Wheel has very little wide ranging effects on the polistical fabric of any greater organization, though they can exert some influence by calling on the congregation of Arianrhod to strike (most pilots in the Avalonian controlled regions follow the Goddess of the Stars) and refuse service until the coven's demands are met.


As there is no Holy Canon of the Silver Wheel, many Priestesses and Priests have attempted to write down their thoughts on the sacred worship of the Silver Wheel. Most fall flat and fail to capture the ecstatic rapture neccessary for the religious enlightenment to happen, but a few odd sorts have been rather influential in certain areas (such as the written works of High Priestess Selene Bloodfist affecting the worship of Arianrhod around Telasia, and the Holy Missives of High Priestess Lashyva Shadowwalker affecting the Silver Wheel's practices around Caer-Thun).
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An it harm none, do as thou wilt!

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Sisters (and Brothers) of the Stars and Moon, Moon Witches, Star Witches
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