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Spirit Church of the Forest

Mythology & Lore

This religion worships the spirits of the forests, and many of their myths surround the epic doings of said spirits. Some famed ones include the growing of the meteor tree, the Beginning of the forests, and the great rebirth. The growing of the meteor tree centers on the concept that the famed meteor tree was created by the spirits, and was brought in as a holy symbol to be worshipped by all, as despite contrary evidence, worshippers believe that the great tree could only exist through supernatural means. The Beginning of the forests is a myth surrounding the fact that the spirits grew the entirety of the forest of Grien to create a wonderful and beautiful home with everything their followers would need. The great rebirth was a myth whos origins followed a massive plague, which centered around the idea that their spirits had created a great plague in order to purge the evil among them and allow the holy to rebuild society, effectively creating a rebirth of society as a whole.

Divine Origins

This religion is believed to have been created very far back in Ebelars history, and originated from the gaining of sentience primarily by the smaller groups within the forest of Grien. Unable to truly comprehend their own existence fully, the newly sentient creatures turned to the spirits that had been there much, much longer than they had. Seeing the incredibly powerful spirits brought their not fully formed minds comfort, and hence the religion was formed. However, the official church was not founded until far later.

Tenets of Faith

The basic tenets of the Spirits of Grien religion are as follows:
 1. Respect nature and all of its parts. 
 2. Do not harm anything or anyone unless absolutely necessary 
 3. Obey the orders of the Spirits as much as is possible 
 4. Your fellow members are your siblings. Treat them with the respect they deserve


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