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Prompt 17: The Balance

The Balance is only way to understand our connection to nature. Though the path to the truth of the balance have grown muddy. Now there is two ways to the truth, but both are just as lost. Only through bringing it all together can we hope to truly understand. Though the tension between the Presari empire and the Beast Clan Alliance will never lead to this outcome. Only through seeing beyond out differences can we find what truly binds us together. - Follower of the True Balance
    The Balance is a religious order that is made up of a few different sects. Once a united group that preeched the balance of all things and how one should live in the world. Though with time the order would be broken up into seperet orders that grew at each others throat.   The Balance of Order was followed by the Presari race and was taught to the humans of Salire. This group beleived that one could control the balance by manipulating it's function. By accepting ones connection the balance they could learn to manipulate and bring order to a chaotic world. This belife was formed by the Presari ability to manipulate the elements, bending them to their will.   The Balance of Primal was followed by the Deminor race and was shared amongst the beast races. The group belived that one was part of the balance and that one must work with nature in order to continue the balance of things. By becoming one with nature you can draw strength from nature and understand the systems that drive the world. This belif was formed by the Deminor ability to take on more animal-like aspects and able to draw in the raw power of nature within themselves.
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