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Church of Akadi

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is an organization created by the Children of Akadi after they evolved into the species they are today. They are crystalline and energetic sentient lifeforms. The present-day Akkadians are humanoid in form, with a crystalline core.  They still follow their Mothers teachings but have expanded on them. After taking over Hy-Altia Mother-Ship they made it their new home. It is the center of the church and the repository of all the knowledge they've collected for Mother.    Any new followers from other races, only have access to one of the satellite churches or repositories as they are called by the Akkadians.


Mother, head librarian, judicar, specialist, scouts.


Mother has her followers always strive to learn all they can to better themselves, all the while showing others examples of their works.

Public Agenda

To seek knowledge in all its forms.




They are the Children of Akadi, she created them while still in Skyhome. When she was thrown down to Aquatica, they followed her. She sacrificed a portion of her power to each of them to allow them to evolve independent of her and remain mobile.


The Akkadians only claim the land surrounding Hy-Altia and the The Everflowing Falls: Natural Wonder as they hold the lower cave sacred.


They commandeered the Krystal Stone Guardian to guard the city as well as the Atlantean security bots to capture any interlopers.

Technological Level

Akkadians are a highly technological society and are constantly working to improve the technology that the Atlanteans left behind.

Foreign Relations

Most Atlantean have been banned from the mothership. Only a few, like Urtho the Wise are still allowed to visit.

Agriculture & Industry

They have no need for food or water as they are artificial constructs animated by Akadi's power.

Mythology & Lore

They have no need for mythology as they were created by Akadi centuries ago and have a direct link to her even now. Although, now that they have fallen to Aquatica with her, much of their memories of Skyhome is like a fading dream.

Divine Origins

The Plane of Air and Skyhome.

Cosmological Views

They have an almost racial memory, that is linked to Mother. When close in proximity to her or other Akkadians, they can link to the "Akashic Records," and search for anything they desire. Anywhere that another Akkadian has been has been recorded in the records.

Tenets of Faith

  • Seek knowledge
  • Follow the wind
  • She is change personified.
  • Strive to be flexible
  • Look outside the box to reach the most creative answer.
  • Fly high and soar.
  • Spread her word
  • Show works through an example.


There is no worship per see, only reverence to Akadi and the knowledge that she represents.

Knowledge abides.

Alternative Names
Children of Akadi, akkadians
Leader Title
Head of State
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
The use of knowledge or merit chits. This is a digital currency, everyone has an implant (subdermal chips) or medallion that represents their balance.
Legislative Body
The head librarian disseminates Mother's wishes to all below her. Everyone can request an audience with her, and unless she is busy, it is granted.
Judicial Body
The judicar, upholds the few laws that Akadi has decreed.
Executive Body
The judicar is the enforcer of the laws.
Official State Religion
Permeated Organizations
Official Languages

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