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Order of the Golden Spear (or-dr ov thuh gowl-dn speer)

The Order of the Golden Spear is an Atemu Ezirandi society that venerates the legend of Kafiri and seeks the Golden Spear of Kafiri in hopes of using it to overthrow the Magocracy of Ezir.


A High Priest (Currently Patesi) oversees the Order, advised by a council of three priests. With the Order's small size, these four (called the Suncallers) administer spiritual services, guidance, and issue orders to the faithful Kafirites.


The Order is a stark contrast to the Magocracy's bloated, patriarchal bureaucracy. The Order is small and communal, with a very intimate level of familiarity among the ranks. While the order is primarily made up of men, no restriction limits any gender from participation or faith.   Despite being a religious order, the Kafirites believe in freedom of religion and do not persecute members of other faiths. The exception are cultists of Eclipse, who they engage with prejudice.

Public Agenda

Locate the Golden Spear of Kafiri, overthrow the monotheistic Magocracy of Ezir, destroy the Black Circle, return the Arcanum Institute to the people as a monument and place of worship.


The Order maintains several discreet shrines throughout the Atem Lowlands, each of which doubles as a safe house for faithful in need and contains weapons and armor, food stores, as well as religious literature. Members know to identify a safe house by the marking of three reeds standing vertical, the center taller than the others, before a disc that represents the sun.

The Sun Cleanses
The Spear Holds

Founding Date
Secret, Religious sect
Related Ethnicities


Author's Notes

History of the Order will be added after Summer Camp has come to an end.

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