Order of her grace Lady Siopi

The Order of her grace Lady Siopi is a religious order of primarily female Humans vowing to only speaking softly, believing it makes strong negative emotions impossible. Beyond that, it provides a safe haven for victims of domestic violence of all forms.

The Person behind the Name

The Years following the Last Day of the Great Order were ones of uneasy peace and an overall feeling of uncertainty. Many of the first Generation that followed, felt that something valuable had been sacrificed to absolve Inquest from the Great Order which created many localized religious Orders all throughout the Island.

One such Order was established by an Elves that made herself known as Lady Siopi, originally named "Order of mellow Words", for Lady Siopi strongly believed that speaking only in a composed, soft, and friendly voice made expressing anger or feelings of strong disagreement in any sincere manner impossible.

The first women's shelter

After the death of Lady Siopi in 1086, the Order fell in a bit of an Identity crisis, which was resolved by renaming itself to the now common name.

Many of the members of the Order back then had been taken in at times of personal strife that had often been directly linked to cases of domestic violence. From this grew a wish to provide dedicated and safe shelter for any woman displaced by domestic violence of all forms. A service for which there is sometimes more or less demand but, sadly, never none.

Transformation to today's Mission

In 1602 the Murder of Eirin Instantplate caused an International Outcry of disbelief and contempt against the Order. The Dwarves Woman suffered from a rare condition that triggered her cycle right after childbirth, the Sisters of the Order, seeing a Man apply for shelter, turned him away but at least agreed to take in the child. Eirin was later found dead, mutilated and disposed by her partner near the shelter.

The Daily Black Board coined the now famous sensationalized name of "Order of the sarcastic Hags" to describe the Order, as many People spoke up to reveal how they also had been turned away because of not fitting the narrow-minded catalog of requirements a person seeking shelter had to fulfill, the biggest of which being a woman.

This tone-deafness towards, especially, the Dwarves Community and the unchangeable specifics of their physiology (see Genetics and Reproduction of Humans) caused an outrage demanding the outright disbandment of the Order. A sentiment that even some Sisters took a shine to.

After the informal Leader of the Order had to step down due to suffering from a "sudden fit of weakness", her replacement announced a widespread reorganization and soul-searching.

Our Blouses are stained with Eirins Blood, we cannot wash it off our Hands or wipe it from our Mouths. We might not be at fault for her senseless murder, but we cannot deny responsibility.
— Excerpt of the Public Announcement by the Order of her grace Lady Siopi in reaction to the Instantplate-Murder

In 1603, the Order and Services were officially opened to anyone seeking help or temporary protection against domestic violence.

A cenotaph

The Date on which Eirin Instantplate asked for shelter is now an official day of remembrance within the Order, being the second with the Day of the Death of Lady Siopi.

Members of the Order not on Duty in the safe houses will use red-ink to stain their usually white or lightly colored clothes and wear red gloves to signify that they have not forgotten about Eirins Blood.

Furthermore, the Stones before the entry of the Church of her grace Lady Siopi in Brossal, were replaced with red-tinted ones as an eerie reminder of the Order's failure to protect those that need protection.

Reception today

Despite this cataclysmic event, today the Order is well received for their continuous work and regularly praised and distinguished for proactively fighting against domestic violence.

According to their statistics collected from over 300 locations, the mere presence of a Church of her grace Lady Siopi, lowers the risk of assault by as much as 36%.

Many safe houses have changed their mission to provide preventative counseling, public education, or have changed to places of worship.


Religious, Holy Order

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