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Order of Life and Light

The Order of Life and Light is a religious order dedicated to the god of life and hope. Originally founded in Ismena, they have since spread throughout most of the kingdoms and serve as a beacon of hope to those who have none. Despite their message of hope, they do not seem to be able to establish a foothold in Novami.

This order is primarily made of those who would spend their life helping others and that includes many of Casimira's strongest healers. They believe they worship their god best by helping others and to that end, do not focus on traditional worship, but instead on pilgramages to places that need help rebuilding or getting started.

Membership of the Order can be obtained by anyone, they only need to speak to a leader and establish how they wish to help their community. Members can be recognized by a pin they wear shaped like a flowering tree and made from silver and tiny shards of clear quartz.

The Order is not liked everywhere they go and they have found an especially cold welcome in Novami. The people there believe that hope is what burns when one reaches the darkest night and finds themselves still standing. To them, it is only through darkness and death that a person can bring themselves back up and find hope. A small few healers from the Order of Life and Light have chosen to defect to Novami after having seen their view and outsiders often describe the conflicting beliefs as a balancing act and that both are equally important to society.

As of the current age, the Order of Life and Light has exceeded 500,000 members across all the kingdoms and is one of the largest organizations in Casimira aside from the trade guilds.

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