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The Isoi-Ebum Sect

A sect who take their healing skill very seriously.


The organisation is part religious sect devoted to the worship or Ebum the water god and Isoi the goddess of medicine, partly a hospital, partly a charity organisation funded by the people in power.   The leader is the high priest of the order of Ebum and a high priestess of the order of Isoi, each reigning over the other priests and priestesses respectfully. They co-operate on the hospital side of the organisation, as well as the charity tied within. There are other administrative roles within the hierarchy to keep the organisation organized and running smoothly, including treasurer masters and mistresses (economists), pen masters and mistresses (writing duties as well as keeping a small school to teach new pupils), the master and mistress of novices, et cetera.   Lowest in their ranking is the servants and town folks who pay taxes in either goods or in labour to the sect.


The healers have a set of core beliefs that circles around their god and goddess.   Ebums followers believe that the water brings purity, and so intentional pollution of that purity is a sin. On the other hand, ritual bathing in conjunction with acts of penance can purify a person. They believe it is their duty to worship and uphold the laws of Ebum is their duty.   Isois followers, as a medicine goddess, believes that their penance and worship of Isoi should include the healing of the sick. Many of the sect is women, but male low ranking priests are not unheard of. It is the custom within the sect that the higher ranking positions are held by women, who believe themselves to be able to better communicate their goddesses wishes.   Despite being technically two sects in one, the organisations are so closely tied that they function like one organisation. This has to do with the myth, when the goddess Isoi was fearing to be married off to someone who wouldn't like, and went into hiding. The myth goes on to tell how Ebum found her and through trials in which he convinced her with his love for her to unite with him in marriage.

Public Agenda

The goal for the sect is to attain and learn as much about healing and it's associated skills (like the cultivation and usage of herbs as medicine, for example) in order to be closer to their gods. They will not turn anyone who is sick away, no matter how bad it is.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The healers of Embura

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