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It took a while before the citizens of Hesli noted The Disappearance of Luna. Some realised that this would become bad news for them soon. With their faith still with her, a large group came together determined to spread her words. Thus, Nannarian came to existence.  


Dragon and thrall were part of the Nannarian Circle. There were three crucial tasks that the entire religion based on.   1. Document all her knowledge and wisdom
2. Spread around the Word of Luna
3. Find her and bring her back   With these three tasks in mind, three branches formed naturally. The wise focused on documenting and encrypting. These were mostly the dragon priests that worked closely with her. The spoken spread the word around as best they could. These were mostly merchants and bards. Finally the strong would venture out into the world, trying to find clues to explain what has happened. Think the soldiers and strategists.  

Preserving Knowledge

The priests frantically started writing down the knowledge and wisdom passed down to them. They wanted to preserve as much as they could. For a long time, they only encrypted the documents using the Nannan Sauriv cipher. However, as time passed and the number of Nannarian members shrunk, they hid away the information in all corners of the world hoping someone from the future might eventually find it and put it to good use.  

Word of Luna

The merchants and bards traveled in small groups all over the world to spread the word. They wanted to let it be known to everyone that the mighty one is gone and what her words of wisdom were. They hoped to help everyone remember how it used to be and to keep following her teachings. About prospering together, taking care of the world they helped create and nurture.   However, after The Draconic War, many died and most of the story and song have been buried as time passed. There are still a few songs around, but no one from the current age knows the true meaning behind them.  

Finding Luna

Many brave adventurers set out into the world in hopes to find clues to Luna's disappearance. A few locations have been discovered and documented, but most of them are now lost in the world. Especially after war, there were no warrior nor soldier standing to keep up with the search which was eventually abandoned completely.  


In the beginning, Nannarian had a lot of members dedicated to the cause. However, the raging war took a significant chunk of the members as casualties. Within a couple generations, there were only a few dragons left. What has come of them is unknown, but they have most likely perished by now.
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