Order of Relative Unbias

The following document contains several quotes regarding the Order of Relative Unbias. From what you understand, it is a parareligious organisation that exists within the Merinos Great Library. The quotes are all personal opinions from members of the Library.  
I hate them, but only as much as I fear them.   They are spreading across the library. Have been for decades, except we didn't notice up until now.   Of course, they bloody don't care about misinformation or repeatability of results. What matters to them is not to slowly edge toward the truth. I don't even think they believe in any reality of sorts. Or if they do, they don't think it has any relevence to our personnal and political lives.   What they care about is being politically right. That, and influence.
They spread false ideas. In fact, that's their whole jig. It seems that any emerging conspiracy theory, any unproven fact that starts to spread comes from them, like it's part of their grand scheme. I don't quite understand how it can work. Maybe that's because I'm not as much of a politician as I should be.   I wish Gretsor was there. They would know what to think about them. Hell, they'd even know how to actually deal with them!
If we were in the wild, I'd probably say they are under the influence of some Brain gnats, or some powerful mental parasite. I mean, their ideas seem to spread without words, and to have people increasingly think about them. This is Brain Gnat theory 101.   But this is not supposed to happen in a city. Even less so in such a place as a library: people there are mentally trained! They are strong, and supposedly equipped to deal with that! So what is this Order? What do they want? Where do they come from?
Gretsor Barren, before their disappearance.
To be honest, I don't really care about them. Hell, they might be right sometimes! They help us sell some textiles to the outer city, and they improved our food supply. I can't really complain, to be honest.
You know, I've been hearing them more and more often these days, and I think they raise some pretty good points! Why should we trust the elite of Merinos? And why do we teach the public? We are the Library, we're stronger and bigger than everyone. Why don't we expand and rule?
— Riaka Numb, biologist

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