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Fellowship of the Cerulean Flower

The Fellowship of the Cerulean Flower is an Izsallian mendicant order dedicated to teaching medicine.


The Fellowship of the Cerulean Flower was formed by Cynthia Needleleaf an elf from the Kingdom of Waters, who was a medical practitioner who was devoted to the primordial Izsallyia. Needleleaf's experience has shown her that magical healing would never be universally available and would always need to be supplemented by medicine. She wanted to promote the best nonmagical healing possible. She asked permission to create a religious order designed to gather medical knowledge and then share it freely with others. The leading clerics of the kingdom rejected her idea, claiming that supporting non magical healing showed a lack of faith and could turn people from the church. Needleleaf sadly accepted the decisions, but as she turned to leave a beam of bright green light came out of the sky and enveloped her. The when light dissipated Needleleaf's eyes continued to glow with the same green light and whenever she stepped on bare ground blue flowers sprouted in her wake. She had received the favor of Izsallyia and the religious leaders took notice. She received permission to form her group, which she headquartered in her hometown at the House of Petal. Needleleaf's followers would name their group the Fellowship of the Cerulean Flowers, after the flowers the grew in their leader's footsteps.


As a mendicant order, the work of the Fellowship of the Cerulean Flower is to engage and work with society, specifically to promote medical teaching. Members take vows of poverty and obedience, eschewing wealth to travel the world and teach. Members are not strictly speaking medical practitioners, but educators, though most have extensive hands on learning experience.    Fellowship members travel throughout Therrmordia visiting small village and metropolis alike. In each area they speak to local healers, inquiring about methods, new treatments, or local remedies. Members then share knowledge they have previously acquired with the local healers, before moving to the next settlement and repeating the process. Periodically members return to chapter houses to deposit records of their new knowledge. These chapter houses serve as libraries for the Fellowship, as well as schools to teach new healers.   Yearly exchanges take place between the various chapter houses and the House of Petal to disperse the knowledge through the world. The headquarters also sends out team that verify the teachings of traveling members to make sure no one is intentionally passing false information and using the fellowship to spread evil. 


While the Fellowship of the Cerulean Flower began as an elven order, its global span soon attracted other races. Humans currently make the purality of Fellowship membership. Unsurprsingly a group based on travel and learning attaachs a large number of gnomes, which are the second most common race. After that comes elves and dwarves. There are a smattering of other races that claim some mebers, but not in great numbers.    The Fellowship is officially an Aspectionalist order, but its religious components are very focused on Izsallyia, so a Primordialist who strongly believed in the group's mission wouldn't have to hold their nose too much to be a member. Almost all members are lay people with only a handful of clerics to lead worship at the larger chapter houses. Clerics are all members of Izsallyia's lodge and tend to avoid studying healing magic.
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