The Juxegite Swords

The Juxegite Swords are an Ethain military order devoted to the god Juxegi. Their beginnings are shrouded in history, with some mention of them being made during one of the Gerune invasions of Ethaine. By any means, they would soon develop a sort of working relationship with the Lokjin'a of Ethaine who would see their use in defending the kingdom. As the centuries went on, the Juxegite Swords would see more involvement with the state, serving as an arm, however small, of the king.  


The order may have started out with little formal structure, but it soon grew into an ordered hierarchy. The order would take the shape of a pyramid with different ranks. At the top lay the Grand Master, who led the organization, although he would often answer to the Ethain king. For many centuries the order was not a formal part of the state but would eventually become institutionalized and brought under the monarchy's control. Within the order existed two main types of members: combat members and non-combat members. The former, the original role of the order, would train for war and participate in battle. The latter, a later necessity, would focus on administrative matters largely.  


The fighting members of the Juxegite swords generally wore a similar style of armaments into battle, particularly because of the tendency for collective ownership by the order. In earlier times the armor worn consisted of a chain covering atop layered linens. As time wore on, however, and the order's wealth increased, the use of coverings of plate began to be most common. One of the main boons that the order brought to the battlefield was their use of Hadron Riders in an organized and disciplined manner. In fact, each fighting member was a trained rider and the order kept many mounts ready for its soldiers. As a mounted soldier, lances were in each man's weaponry, as were then sidearms such as swords and maces.


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