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Children of Unna

Children of Unna is a religious order that grew forth from the Sky Weavers 153 AP. They took the political beliefs based on the injustice within Merian culture and joined it with preexisting religious beliefs.   They have heavy influence over many Merian cities, even having nobles being a part of the group. The most important change the group have brought is that Nobles also have to pay taxes to the city.  


Unna is one of the three dwarfen gods. Unna is the protecting goddess. By the organization she is seen as the guardian of the week and bringer of change. They hope that she will end the injustice between rulers and normal people in the underground cities.


Before the creation of Children of Unna, there was a group of people within the Sky Weavers that had no interest in returning up at all. They had joined because they agreed that the injustice had to be battled politically. The same people also held religion very close to their hearts and the creation of a religious organisation were not before long a matter of course.


There is one holy service each day which some attend. The Wednesday service is attended by a majority of the Children. The service is held by a number of guardians together, preaching political beliefs and their religious basis, what has happened within the city and what they want to achieve.


Priesthood in the Children of Unna is closely connected with political activity and influence. They are often refereed to as Guardians as they have a an important role in defending the rights of the common folk politically.

Once Below, Below Forever

Founding Date
153 AP
Predecessor Organization
Related Ethnicities

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