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The Sect of Eternal Flame

Old, now disbanded religious sect of Cyrillon still casts a shadow over those who remember the times when the flames used to guide, and not hurt, the people. The Paladins of Fire used to be respected and welcomed with open arms, especially in the hostile periphery. One is not allowed to openly follow the teachings of the sect, but there are still some very local outbursts every now and then, mainly on the countryside of The Magistrate of Kastradal. The Magistrate treats such heretics with heavy hand; usually with execution, or in some cases of being sold to slavery to Aberronia.


The Sect had a Grandmaster, who was the leader of it. About half of the followers were holy knights who preferred using fire to deter their enemies, the rest were clerics and healers.


During the time of The Kingdom of Kastradal, The Sect of Eternal Flame had free reign. It was originally a group of like-minded people who, following the teachings of Cyrillon, wanted to have a more organized structure for the teachings of the God of Light. They worked in harmony with the beliefs of The Human Pantheon and the clerics following The Eternal Flame became to known for their perseverance, but most of all, of the spells from element of fire, such blessing gifted to them by the god himself. They were the protectors of the weak and less fortunate, ready to fight fire with fire and protect the humankind.


When The Kingdom of Kastradal fell, the bloody tides of revolution washed over the sect, too. The Magistrate of Kastradal was established on the ruins of the old great kingdom and they fought aggressively to unite everyone under a common cause and name. The Followers of the Eternal Flame saw what was coming after the Magistrate officially lifted Fenrua as the true God of whole country. This did not set well with the Sect of Eternal Flame, because they had a hunch on what was coming, but they were one of the few who were ready to voice their concerns. The Magistrate officially dissolved the sect, labeling the followers as heretics and criminals, who should immediately be disposed of. The members of the Eternal Flame fought valiantly, but in the end they were less in numbers and were hunted down and killed. Some fled to countryside or to other countries -mainly the neighbouring Aberronia, but with the slavery being commonplace there, it was more of 'from frying pan into the fire' situation. Some brave ones fled to the Empire of the Flaming Spear, where there were like-minded individuals.

531 TAT - 656 TAT

Religious, Sect
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