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The Xedeians

The Xedeian splinter group arose during the time of the War of the False Prophet. They supported the claim that he spoke for all the gods, but insisted that it was only Human Gods, and claimed that Xedes in particular, as primary God, must be the mouthpiece of the combined messages coming from Ocith to Grei Forethorn.   They fought along side the faction of the False Prophet, but later turned on them when they would not purge non-Human Gods from their doctrine. They were easily mopped up by the combined forces of the Abnegation and the Disavowers, as were the Prophet's followers. However, the Xedeian movement did not change, simply moved underground. A charismatic leader named Erceth Mastermaw gathered the scattered bands of Xedeians and formed them into a cohesive whole. He preached that the only god was Xedes, and all others were false gods. Those who believed otherwise were heretics and blasphemers. Erceth also preached the belief of Human superiority, and that all other races were inferior copies and not worthy to share Kadeth with Humankind. Many people flocked to his banner, sometimes even whole clans, but Erceth was shrewd, and never tried to grasp power through warfare, as Forethorn did before him.   Still, King Ramun I was uncomfortable with the idea of so many Xedeians around. He made laws that gave the constabulary reasons to round up Xedeian worshippers, and when Erceth openly defied these laws, he was arrested and held without trial. Many say this was a mistake by Ramun, as it made Erceth a martyr in the eyes of his people. Erceth's second in command took the movement underground, where they worshipped in secret at private shrines and hidden altars.   The cult of the Xedeians lasts to this day, although they are far more likely to focus on the non-Human hating then on the monotheistic aspects. They are still a hidden organization, officially disapproved of, but not banned, by the Crown.

One God, One Race

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