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The Exciderunt {WASC 2021} (ex-SID-ur-runt)

The Exciderunt is a long-established belief system revolving around ancestors and the teachings they have left behind. The name of the monastic order means "unforgotten."   Their main teachings revolve around virtues and good works. These teachings are often passed on through moments of quiet meditation while reading the words on those who have passed. The Exciderunt is an open faith that welcomes all to join their ranks. Membership within an Exciderunt order is not exclusionary to any other faiths. It is possible to be an Animalits or Dracunum. There is a great variety of the beliefs held by those who follow this order. Two members could have have beliefs that are completely exclusive to themselves with nothing in common. However, they both respect each other in their desire to follow their paths of enlightenment though meditation and the recording the teachings for posterity.   Exciderunt teachings come from experiences and lessons from ancient leaders noted for their service to others and wise teachings. They often express their beliefs through service to those in need and the education of others and recording the teachings of the living so that they may be remembered for future geneerations.   Being a long-established belief system, Exciderunt is well established and known throughout the world, but their following isn't huge as it is often filled with the most studious and scholarly of other faiths. More and more people see Exciderunt as a way to help educate the world thought devouted scholarship. They are best known for the network of libraries and schools that have been established across Sagadorm. Their primary language is Univocus as a common global standard and the local language of the country where they are found.   After the Great Decimation, a sect of Dracunum Exiderunts formed the Children of the Chosen to preserve the Totems of Trilenius and the knowledge of the The Celestial Dragons.
Religious, Monastic Order


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