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The Ascending

There was a time long ago when a goddess fell from her mountain.   The fall she experienced was not different from many others, both among mortals, goddesses, titans or anyone else. However, the bar against her was set too high.
As a goddess and cosmic force, she was expected to be perfect, and in the face of an unhidden flaw, she was deemed unfit for her position. The titans stripped her from all her powers and tied chains around her to drain her.
The goddess worked hard on her way up to the mountain until she reached the summit again. But there at the top of the world, she found the titans, arms crossed, telling her that she was still too vulnerable to risk another fall.   The goddess tried again and again, but nobody would believe she was back to her former glory, even when she did the same and better than before her fall.

Climbing Back

The Temple of the Ascending is an order of pop monks that teach story of the goddess' struggle to spread their views, which focus on empathy, forgiveness and second chances and also give blessings, counseling and help to those that are struggling to get back from a low place.
The many followers of the Temple of the Ascending have tried all sort of ways to fight back against the titans to release their goddess, but they have not yet succeeded. However, the monks have said that they see the chains slowly but surely rusting, and they have faith that the goddess' release is coming.
Religious, Temple
This article was inspired by Britney Spears' decade-old legal battle to end her conservatorship and regain her basic human rights.
You can learn more about her story in this video.

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