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Fpriahooai Deyun

This sect is part of the religion of Tekel and is primarily concerned with the god of oracles, prophecy, and ritual, Ahooai.  


  Beginning in 284, the Fpriahooai Deyun (translated as Clergy of Ahooai), was founded on the principle of worship of the god of oracles as a means to better understand the magic of the world. The original founders believed that dividing their worship among all of the gods diluted their praise and caused jealousy among the deities. By separating into their own branch, they felt that they could properly devote themselves to the god that matched their line of study most closely.   As the sect gathered more members, particularly essence and fusion users, they became more concentrated in their devotion and began further rebelling against the established clergy.   Officially, they split into their own sect in 348, leaving mainstream Tekel and dedicating themselves almost completely to Ahooai. Since that time, they have been at odds with the majority of their fellow Tekel practitioners due to their extreme methods of showing devotion. However, their increasing isolation has made them more of an annoyance to the outside world rather than a problem.  

Relationship with other gods and practitioners

  While they pray mostly to Ahooai, they do worship the other gods on high holidays, particularly Clohdus, as he was instrumental in the ascent of their patron deity from a minor god to his current status.   They have fully broken off from the governance of the main church of Tekel, but remain close to the capital in order to be near the major temples there.

Unique Practices

  While they mostly follow the same rituals as mainstream Tekel in connection with Ahooai, there are some key differences.
  • Rather than simply have a blindfold blessed in the temple, they practice scarification during the meditation period. They will use a knife exposed to each element to either carve the area around their eyes or remove their eyes entirely to become closer to their god.
  • Standard followers of Tekel will wear pale yellow as their main color when showing devotion to Ahooai. Those of the Fpriahooai Deyun see this as disrespectful and wear highly saturated yellow (saturated colors are associated with wealth and status). The reason unsaturated yellow is normally used is that Ahooai is generally considered free from the material world and thus the pale color represents his light touch on the physical.
Founding Date
Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
Clergy of Ahooai
Parent Organization

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