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Leowit (lee'oh'WIT)


The capital of Yzel and the location of all major government buildings. The king’s main residence is also here. This is a major trade hub, but not the main location of the country’s economy. Far from the sea, it is more geared toward government work than economics. 1.3 million people live in the city and most work around the lawmaking institutions of Yzel or support those who do.    

Noble Law Parliament

Most major government work is done here. This is the location of the meetings between the king and his council of advisors. Every department has an office within the large structure. Three stories tall and featuring carved designs of the gods on the outside, the structure’s architecture is a holdover from when the government and religion were much more closely linked. The symbolism is now merely decorative, but considered a national treasure given its history and the skill used in its construction. Intricate, layered geometric patterns are seen on the interior, outlined in opals and sapphires. The main hall has enough seating for 500 delegates and is set up in an arena style, with the king’s place in the center of the front wall.

High Judicial Court House

The highest court in Yzel holds trials here. For minor cases, judges appointed by the king and approved by a simple majority of the advisors hear the arguments. In major cases, the king acts as supreme judge, although this is rare on most occasions. The building is four stories tall, held by columns and pointed arches. At the top of the building is a domed roof with a hole at the center above the defendant’s holding area. When there is a civil case, this is closed. Light is meant to represent justice and the supposed criminal must be bathed in it.

Primary Citadel

Officials of the military conduct business here. Each military division has an office within and the generals of each branch have a wing of the building. The branches include navy, army, internal affairs (police), and military police (inter-military disputes). The Kumeza Tran were formerly under this. However, after the split, their offices have been empty.

Monarch’s residence

The residence of Yzel’s monarch is very small. All immediate royal family members share the same building. The residence is four stories tall, with gables and towers, almost completely as wide as it is tall. On the first floor, there are two parlor rooms, a kitchen, and a large dining room. The second floor houses meeting rooms and an enclosed porch. On the third floor there is a smaller dining room for family only, an office for the monarch, and small sitting rooms. The fourth floor is for the children and contains their rooms along with a room for any nannies hired to care for them. The king and queen have their private area on the fifth floor. Servants live in a second, small house in the back, connected by a covered walkway.
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

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