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The Auric Exemplars

When Ralla Kindguard rallied fellow devotees of the pantheon to sail to Aitreas and lay low the tyrant Krathum, she founded the Auric Exemplars. The Auric Exemplars were her holy order, comprised of everything from holy paladins, devout warriors, and veteran clerics of the gods to squires, roused farmers, and angered militias. They were moved to action by Krathum's arrogance, the suffering of the Aitrean people, and the threat his empire posed to all of Emaxus, but were spurred in battle and kept together through the deepest troughs of the horrors of the Fragmented War by her leadership.   Rarely did the Auric Exemplars number more than a thousand, with their numbers swelling to their greatest during the Final Assault on Zanizer, reaching nearly ten thousand souls united under Ralla's banner. And though Ralla died during the final battle against Krathum, and many thousands of souls fell under her banner, the Exemplars did not fall when the Fragmented War came to its cataclysmic finish. Diminished but emboldened, the surviving Exemplars knew they had a duty to help the crippled and chaotic Aitreas recover in the wake of Krathum's defeat.   So, the several hundred remaining Auric Exemplars dispatched themselves across the war-torn continent, and set about what they had always wanted to achieve in Aitreas. What Ralla had truly hoped to achieve. And so, they set about repairing the fractured societies and defending the devastated villages and towns sparsely dotting the continent. Auric Citadels were constructed in several key locations across the continent, and the Exemplars helped the Aitrean people recover and establish the first bastions of free civilization in their devastated homelands.    The Auric Exemplars laid the most basic foundations for what the legendary Rheomia would achieve several decades later, but their demand faded over that time period before the birth of the Imperium. And as the need for the Exemplars faded, so too did the order itself. And though they went quietly into the night, their Citadels being reclaimed or built over and their names being largely forgotten, what they did and what they fought for will forever be remembered.
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