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The Guardians of the Drill

There are those amongst the Children of the Drill who would vastly prefer it if people would stop desecrating the sacred realm of their god.   The teachings of their standard religion, Drillspace should be utilized and made freely accessable to all. That the Scream was simply a cosmological event that hurt their god. But the Guardians believe otherwise.   In their teachings, the God of Drillspace screamed. Humanity had taken his gift and dragged scars through his flesh. The flows of the Drill were not made to be charted so that one may cut through them so simply. You were to navigate them as fluxuating voids, to suffer with him as you travelled. To risk ripping yourself apart. The Counter to the Good. The Ying and Yang.   Humanity took the gift that was granted upon them by the Prophet Tiberius and made it a weapon against their very god. And thus he screamed, unable to hold back the pain any longer.   Therefore, they seek to end all Drillspace Travel.   They use it solely as needed, and as chaotically as possible - to feel close to their god. They expose themself to the void in idle states so that they may hope to develop Psionics - to become chosen by their god. They ensure a chosen is at the helm of every ship they pilot - and they do their best to sabotage starships.   This was originally rather limited, but in recent years, growing tensions in the sector have made their ideals appealing to more than just the devout. Donated ships, funds, et cetera - never directly, but always funnelled where needed - all in the name of ending the society we live in.   They did not have a presence before.   This is changing.

To cease it all, Thus free our souls.

Founding Date
Military, Other
Alternative Names
The Lost Children, Malfunctionals, The Echos
Leader Title
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