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Within the texts of many of the ancient religions of the world is a prophecy of the Seer, an individual who God (or the gods) would raise up at some future point to guide humanity through the great destructions to come. The Weled seek to discover this person.   Aligned with none of the religions of the day, but adopting the religious texts of all, both modern and ancient, their purpose is to both find and follow the prophesied Seer. To this end they study and compare all information they can regarding this person. They seek religious texts, stories and folklore, ancient and modern art depictions and anything else that might pertain to their search.   Since their stated goal is to both find and follow the Seer, they are more a religious group than an academic one. Their research is not just for knowledge, but is a guide to discovery and action. They are committed to the belief that God (or the gods) will send a deliverer before the future destructions and they want to be prepared for that day.   Some members find satisfaction in the entire belief system of one of the religions that include the Seer in its canon and join with them in worship. This is not forbidden. Others are more detached, believing that none of the faith groups have the truth, but only parts. They choose to wait and observe from the outside.


  • Small buildings throughout the lands they dwell in, used as places of study and places to live. They contain copies of the most well documented texts regarding the Seer.
  • The central depository - where the majority of the works collected and produced are housed. Here are stored the original works as well as derivative works and research produced by the group. There are copying rooms where duplicates are created and dispersed - both to allow additional research and to safeguard the information.

We seek the Seer

Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
Seer Seekers,


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