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The Order of Ayeshastra

The temple of Ayeshastra was built to bring about peace and prosperity for the devs of the region. So much violence and discord happened before and even during the creation of the temple between factions and spirits. So although seven gods became the gods of Ayeshastra, they did so in part by agreeing that they and their devotees would serve all devs, regardless of whom they worshipped. This would be done through the harvesting and distributions of Ismat Oil, the conduit that magnified devs light magic manipulation. The order is divided into seven sects. The Mythserela  sect operates the top of the tower. Their function is to draw energy from the nexus that the top of the tower touches, energy that is turned over to the other sects who turn it into Ismat oil. Priests of the Mythserela sect practice for years to perfect the synchronized dance that gathers this light energy. They wear purple robes that are akin to the costume of Mythserela.   On the other end of the process is the AshraBashra sect, who follow the teachings of Ashra and Bashra. Their responsibility is to distribute Ismat throughout the Empire. Because most of their operations take place outside of Ayeshastra, some do not consider them to be part of the temple, but they have their own codes that they follow in their dedication to Ayeshastra. They are still the least 'priest like' as they enjoy their lives that take them to the different corners of the empire. Part of the responsibility of distributing Ismat involves protecting it, thus their martial arts discipline is a part of their religious doctrine.   Aside from Ayeshastra itself, the other nations of the Empire similarly follow some of the doctrines and practices of the seven deities, even though these institutions are not involved with Ismat. In these places, all other aspects of their deity that do not revolve around Ismat are practiced. The nation of Kaishah for example, is a 'Mythserela' nation, and because Mythserela is the patron of light casting, light casting is a prominent part of Kaishah's culture.


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