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Rectors of Corypheus

Long ago, there was a man named Ithlamech who longed for power. He searched high and low for the means to rule. He felt that he was called to carry out some plan and would do whatever he could to make it come to pass.   One day, Ithlamech heard of the legend of Anathema's Casket and set out on a quest to find it. When he finally discovered its location, he dug it up and unlocked its power. He knew that doing such was practically selling his soul to the devil, but he didn't care. The casket was home to several books, trinkets, and charms used to summon demons and cast spells. He chanted over it all, allowing the demonic spirits to take up residence inside him and work through him. His will was their will, and so, he became the chosen Corypheus.   With his new abilities, Corypheus roamed the land in search of his own disciples, followers who shared the same vision, calling, and quest for power. He would appoint these as Rectors. After a long search and much travel, he finally managed to find four; Lugubrious Rector, Caliginous Rector, Tenebrous Rector, and Stygian Rector. To each Rector, he gifted each of them with a wand, amulet, or other charm and the power to summon ethreal armies.   Once the five were united, the time had come. Together, they spread out into Wynsumheord heeding their great call. They terrorized villages, possessed citizens, and instilled fear in the souls of many. They collected more Dimirectors and established sects all over the land.   The Mundbyrdians oppose the actions of The Rectors of Corypheus and aim to put and end to their efforts. Many churches and temples of The Shining Lord continuously rebuke them and strive to cast them out of their cities. Dispite all opposition, the Rectors of Corypheus relentlessly insist on carrying out their purpose.
The Rectors and Dimirectors ceremoniously adorn themselves in locks and chains to symbolize their loyalty to their Corypheus. The Corypheus is decorated with the most locks and chains of all, for he is ever bound to his promise. As he wields the given power of Anathema's Casket, he shall not stray from the direction of the nether spirits and their purpose for his life.
Religious, Cult
Rectors, Dimirectors
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