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Church of Ichthys

The Church of Ichthys is a Christian movement founded in 2063 by Juan Morterero. It takes its origin in the christianity during the roman empire. The symbol of the religion is the fish "Ichthys" built by two circular arc, it was used by the persecuted Christians of the Roman Empire. Ichtys or ἰχθύς in ancient Greek, is the abbreviation of "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior". The language of religion is Latin, the sacred texts and all religious ceremonies are done in Latin.  

Organization within the Church

In contrast to catholicism, the largest Christian movement in the world, the church of Ichthys does not have a highly developed hierarchy. Only one has the title of , the patron saint of the church. The sacerdos are the priest of the Church of Ichthys, they answer directly to the Maximus.  
  • : They are in charge of running the religion as a whole, they interpret the sacred texts and make the edicts. For the moment, there has been only one Maximus but everything leads to believe that they are appointed by their predecessors.
  • Sacerdos: They are in charge of organizing and leading the prayers. They are appointed by the maximus to run a specific church.

The Church of Ichthys in France

The church of Ichthys has around 80 000 followers and more than 95% of them are in the Paris area. This represents too few people and it is too localized to be considered as a religion, so the church of Ichthys has the status of a sect.   The reputation of the church has greatly deteriorated since its creation in 2063, especially since the creation of the Hand of Ichthys, a gang that controls Boulogne-Billancourt. The gang serves as a henchman for the church of Ichthys and the .

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior

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Religious, Sect
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