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Temple of Tunneir

The Faith in Coming Up with Staple Foods

For a very long time, farmers and ranchers around the Irgia Republic and the most parts of the Maritime Kingdom pray and worship Tunneir, the god of harvest and fertile.

Divine Origins

The religion was first being told by the people of Tunwich, Eukalia of Ronminar Isles. It was the place brimming with plants and animals, and so the birth of agriculture. It was believed that the goddess was named after the wise girl from the same place, who encouraged and taught her people how to plants and making tools. And therefore when she perished, her effort spreaded thoughtout the isles, sealing herself as the goddess of harvest and fertile.


By giving their best goods such as grape and wine on her shrine in every farmer's houses, they wished for the best crop next year. Additionally, a festival is held to celebrate after the harvest season is over.


In the northern part of Gate Lowland, the temple is merged with those of Luumism. In their belief, Tunneir is the daugther of Limm, the god of life, who act as the bridge between her mother and her distinct father, Luum. The sect was popurized by the people of Erkin and Garol

In the southern lowland and the isles, on the other hands, they still kept their original teach.

Founding Date
900 - 700 BVE
Religious, Temple
Permeated Organizations

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