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Freya's Females /R\

Mythology & Lore

Freya is a descendant of a royal line of magic users of Vannaheim. After the Vanir war with the Aesir, she surrenders herself and marries Odin to unite the Asgardians. She is betrayed by Odin after he learns to wield the magic of her ancestors, but cannot kill her. Instead, he sentences her to solitary confinement on Earth. Unable to return to her people of Vannaheim, they believe she has abandoned them.   She remains on Earth for about 100 million years. Watching the rise and fall of an uncountable number of species, until the beginnings of humans arrive. A failed project of Odin's delusional mind to make himself a god. He dumps them on the planet where he confined his ex-wife in hopes they would be a nuisance to her. He was still spiteful after all these years.    The human beginnings were far from a nuisance and Freya enjoyed watching them evolve. She was involved with them slightly, appearing only in dreams and distant sightings, that was until the humans invented agriculture. With the invention of agriculture, they began mimicking the path of the Aesir and Odin and the males before him. The patriarchy took hold quickly, the men killing too difficult or rebellious women. They reproduced with the more mild-mannered and weak-tempered women. This was Freya stopped appearing to them not able to watch the humans travel down the same road as the Aesir. She retreated underground and lived in solitude until about the 8th century.   In the 8th century AD the Jotun, from Jotunheim, traveled to earth looking to free Freya in hopes that she would help them in a war against the Asgardians. They were unable to reach her before Odin found them. A short battle was had in the Nordic regions of Europe. Witnessing such creatures, the people of the areas turned away from Christianity and created the Norse gods. It did not help that several of Odin's soldiers mingled with the humans during their stay.

Divine Origins

The religion

Cosmological Views

No one knows the answer to how the universe, or the Yggdrasil, came to be. Freya knows that there were species of sapient beings even before the Asgardians, but she does not know what became of them.


There are no priests of this religion. Rank is typically based on age, knowledge, magic ability, and wisdom. Though there are slight ranks, they are very informal and are not used to lord power over others. Women join wanting to escape the pressured hostility and patriarchal rankings of the main world and so within this religion, everyone is given a voice.

Granted Divine Powers

Freya can grant immortality but never has except by accident. Due to this mistake, she vows to never grant it again.

Political Influence & Intrigue

This religion has little influence on the political world as it is very loosely even a religion. Since Alex Daddario is the king of Dovahnor and a member of this religion it could be said that her policies and laws are heavily affected by her beliefs, but that isn't quite true. Had she made laws only based on her beliefs she would have forbade all human-like males from residing in her country.
Religious, Coven
Females of Freya, Freya's Females, Liliths, Femme Fatales
Notable Members


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