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Order of Qintaru


The Order of Qintaru was created to follow in the footsteps of Qintaru the Great Monk. Qintaru was a monk that valued information during battle. He was able to create a stalemate with The Golem King and his army of constructs by himself using his intelligence. This stalemate lasted for over a century, at which point the artificers of Intelakk were able to destroy the constructs. Despite being human, Qintaru was able to live for one hundred seventy-three years. He chose to die after the stalemate ended. After Qintaru's death, the god Skoel made it his job to make sure that Qintaru would be remembered.

Skoel is the absolute leader of the Order of Qintaru, but he lets the order govern themselves most of the time. Skoel is worshiped by the Order of Qintaru, although the god says that it is not needed. The Order of Qintaru has kept many books and scrolls from being destroyed. They also fought in the Second and Third Daemon Wars.


The Order of Qintaru acquire willing orphans that are to old to stay, as well as children that want to be trained.
The Order of Qintaru have six levels, and two categories.
Trainee Trainee
Scholar Monk Warrior Monk
Teacher Trainer
Expedition Monk Adventure Monk
Research Monk Assassin Monk
Council Member of Peace Council Member of War
The first level, trainee, is the exact same for each category. When a trainee has graduated, they may choose to be a scholar monk or a warrior monk. All of the levels above trainee have the same access to information, but the council members can choose to make information only accessible by council members.
Teachers and trainers teach the trainees. The other levels go on missions for the Order of Qintaru.
Public Agenda
The Order of Qintaru is looking for additional members for what they call a coming evil. It is unknown what this coming evil is, but the elder council members of the Order of Qintaru say that it is a prismatic evil that lurks behind the sun.
Alternate Name
Scroll Monks
Religious, Monastic Order


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