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Elemental Spiritualists

Elemental Spirituality comes directly from the history of the five "mothers" of the Elementals. And the existence of the Gold. While it is recognized that the Gold in itself is not a deity or conscious, Elemental Spirituality believes that the mothers still live through it and use it in an almost deity like way. Royals are extremely connected to the Gold, and after death stay almost "whole" within the Gold. The mothers themselves were the first Royals for each of the four still living types of Elementals. Elemental Spiritualists believe that the five Mothers are actually capable of interfering for their loyal subjects still connected to the world. They call out to their specific Mother when they are in danger, and often either silently or out loud ask for favours to be done. Though, some Spiritualists will also ask for favour from the different Mothers depending on what they ask, believing that each Mother has a different domain and helps regardless of who asked for the favour.   For those that believe in the different domains, they are as follows. Scarlet's domain is believed to be that of war, lust, and love. This is likely based on Firen magics domain of chaos and passion. Tiana's is peace, justice, and serenity, similarly based on Earthren magic. Laraine's is change, intelligence, and speed. Bianca's is beauty, pride, and purity. Cyrene's is nature, unity, and cycles. Someone that believes in these domains would ask for favours to whichever mother they believe would be capable of helping them out. Under this version of Elemental Spirituality, a Lightning solider would ask for Scarlet's favour when going to battle, and a Fire would ask Laraine for inspiration.   More traditionally, an Elemental would only ask for favour from their own "mother", believing that they would only intercede for their own kind.   Elemental Spirituality is certainly not the most "organized" religion, if it can even be called that. But most of the people that practice it share an intimate bond. It is also not overly common, nor notable. No Elemental is going to even blink twice to see a person asking one of the mothers for a favour, just as those that practice it feel no need to have others join them.
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