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Ordinem Fortius Jucundum

Servants of the god Phelvian god/dess of bliss and fertility, the order has taken to running places of ill repute. They have bought out bathhouses, brothels, saloons, saunas and even in some towns gladiatorial arenas. They have infiltrated much of society around the world with no true centralized power base, they use bribes and favors to avoid scrutiny. Children often result from the business that is done by the members. Despite the idiosyncrasy that is implied by this children are isolated from this religion, even if they are the result of actions taken  by them or children of members.


lose bands that conect to each other in a city, cities will send members to a conclave of one is called for a region and the regions keep in contact. They often pick up secrets in this way and if needed to protect the bliss they will drop a subtle hint to let someone else take care of it.


Everything is to be fun and it is a members duty to bring new life into the world. The new life can be from members or created through outside means.

Public Agenda

The upkeep and maintenance of places that people have fun, if its carnal fun all the better.


Many buildings and a steady flow of money that is used to pay for the many children that are born out of the environments that they work.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
order of euphoric delight
night walkers
The coins of the trade are electrum coins that are one half inch across and weigh five hundred sixty five grams and is struck with a masculine face on one side and a feminine face on the reverse, they are worth one silver on the official market.

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