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Elemental orders

With new discoveries of records and legends the previous inhabitants of The Pit shared with each other, humans learn more and more about how this place works. And while quickly, some people started worshiping The Tree as its blessings let them survive in here, some smaller religions also showed up. There are some who reject the idea of The Tree as something good. There are some that worship its children, the Guardians of The Tree. And then there are some who worship the Elements, mainly their pure manifestations, the Elementals.   There are main 10 Elemental orders, each serving a different Element, spread around The Pit. Their goal? To find the Elemental gateway of their deity so they could have a chance at being blessed by them.

Tenets of Faith

All of the orders have pretty much the same tenets, but the strictness in upholding them and punishment for breaking one of them varies between each one of them.  
  • Respect your patron and its domain - this is self-explanatory but sometimes it is seen as forbidden to use other Elements than the one worshipped.
  • To receive the blessing, become the image of your patron - this one is usually omitted in less strict orders. Earth, Metal, and Light are really strict about this rule, with many rules about how they should act (Even though no one really met the Elemental so no one knows their personalities).
  • As long as you live, seek your patron.
  • Should you find the domain of your patron, may no doubt be in your heart.


Some members of the orders take their faith too far and either attack the other orders or try to affect their bodies with Elemental Sickness so they can become more like their patrons.

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