The Carmine Warriors

-What's that drawing about, Zam?
-Uh, I don't know.
-It looks like a knight.
August and Zamarca
  The Carmine Warriors was a radical religious group in the settlement of Carmine that formed around 30 years ago and got disbanded recently.  


Like most other settlements, the main religion in Carmine was that of The Deity and The Dragon. As Carmine consisted only of Elves, no other species are good enough for them, The Deity is the most important figure in the religion.   However, 40 years ago, when dragon bone artifacts started appearing in the settlement some people started preferring to pray to The Dragon. As the [tooltip:rare artifacts are made from Ancient dragon bones, these bones gives the artifact strong mystical powers]dragon bone artifacts made their lives easier. The people who started praying to the Dragon gathered into a group.   The group mostly met to pray to The Dragon and spread their version of the message of The dragon to close by settlements.   37 years ago one of the Carmine's Elders contacted the group and together with the self-assigned leader they gave the group a new purpose. Their new purpose was to gather more artifacts. By force, if needed.   The Guards of Carmine were hired by the Carmine Elder to teach the group to fight and after that, they were sent out to search for artifacts.  


The Carmine Elder gave directivese to the self-assigned leader of the group. Who then assigned roles and tasks to the members which fit those roles and tasks.  


Black leather and suits of carmine red metal plate armor.  


During their 35 years of collecting artifacts, they managed to get gather several of them. Most of them were common but they managed to get some rare ones as well.   One of the rare ones was their downfall though.   They found that another settlement close by had a rare artifact. This was a small settlement but they had the artifact securely guarded. The only way to get the artifact would be to raze the settlement. They did. They managed to get the artifact, but when they left they met a dragon who had seen the razed settlement. The dragon disabled all the warriors and destroyed the artifact.   When they returned to their settlement something had happened there as well.   Happenings of one of my stories
The people of Carmine are attacked by a dragon who with the help of a couple of Others destroy some artifacts that the settlement has built their wealth upon.
Religious, Holy Order
Predecessor Organization
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