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The Deity and The Dragon

Bless you.
— A dragon to another
  This is the main religion on the planet of Idyll.  

The beginning

According to a group of them, The Dragons of Idyll aren’t native to the planet. They fled from their own planet, and a couple of them settled on this planet a couple of billion years ago.   At first, they tried to keep hidden. But The Deity of the planet, the creator of Idyll, found them. The Deity let the Dragons stay on the planet and interacted with them a lot. So much so that the Deity and one of the dragons fell in love.   They accidentally Soulbonded which means that they share everything. The Deity shared their life with The Dragon, while losing their immortality they made the Dragon's life span even longer than the normal life span of about a billion years. The Dragon shared their Magic with the deity and as such, the Deity got access to all the dragon's magic.   When The Deity and the Dragon died the magic that the Dragon and The Deity shared were given to the planet and every creature that was born on it. The life span of the dragons grew severely shorter with each new generation born on the planet until the average life span settled around 102 years.  

The different versions

Cultures across the world have adapted this religion in different ways.   Some say that The Deity was a male and use male pronouns and words for them while the Dragon was a female. The village of Carmine is one of the villages where this definition is very important to them because they have very strict gender roles in their society.   In a couple of cultures, only one of the pair is seen as the holy. In Wringa only the Deity is seen as holy while in, Zarinth a Dragon settlement, only the Dragon is seen as holy.    


These are the core tenets that are usually included. Cultures add and remove tenets as they see fit.  
  • Treat others as they wish you to treat them.
  • It is better to give than to receive. Generosity will bring riches.
  • Speak the truth.
  • Forgiveness is not something you can give. It comes from within.
  • Honor the firsts
  • Together we are strong
  • An eye for an eye makes the entire world blind

  •   These are a couple of the tenets that have been added by different cultures.
  • Follow the spirit, not the words.
  • Be slow to anger
  • Do not throw stones inside your neighbor's house.
  • You reap what you sow
  • People do not live on bread alone


    There are no specific priests, however, the members of the Dragon Council are looked upon as the prophets of this religion.  


    All families that believe in The Deity and The Dragon have a shrine in their home, where they burn incense to them every day. At every meal, The Deity and The Dragon is thanked for the food, and once a week the family gathers in front of the shrine to say a prayer to The Deity and The Dragon. Those who do not believe that one of them is not Holy will only pray to and thank the one that they believe is holy.  


    The houses that have a rectangular entrance hall with two archways on either side of the long entrance hall walls are built that way because of this religion. The Deity is the room to the east and the Dragon the room to the west.
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