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Acolytes of Boki

His staff was a blur as he deflected the crossbow bolts streaking at him from the cultists.   The acolyte sprang over the gate and into the courtyard.   With no hesitation, he threw himself into their massed ranks, knocking their blows aside and sending them reeling, until he stood alone.   Taking a deep breath, he settled himself into a battle stance.
The cultists got back up and some charged him.   Fire sprang to life on his staff then slithered and coiled like a snake about it, waiting to strike. The first cultist reached him. A quick kick merged with hissing flames from the staff knocked the cultist back to the ground, screaming from burns. The other charging cultists slid to a stop.   The acolyte simply waited, and smiled.

Who Are The Acolytes?

  The Acolytes of Boki are monks dedicated to Boki, goddess of secrets. They believe it is their duty to protect mankind, and sometimes the world, from terrible magics. They have no one leader. Instead, the Abbots of their two monasteries, Old Fane and Appelkamp, come together to make decisions. These decisions affect all acolytes, not just those within their respective monasteries. On rare occassions when they cannot agree, the leader of the Brethren, a secretive order within the acolytes who wander the world, is called in to help decide.   An acolyte begins as a petitioner who studies the primaries in hopes of doing well enough in the Dawn Trials to be accepted as a novitiate.   Once a petitioner becomes a novitiate, their training in bringing harmony between mind, body, and soul is added to their other studies. These studies are in scriptures, academics, and the fundamentals of magic.   A novitiate must pass the Trials of Enlightenment to become an acolyte. These are grueling trials and can take many years and several attempts before they are passed.   More arduous than the Trials of Enlightenment are the Great Trials and an Acolyte must pass them to become a master.   Any further ranks within the acolytes are for the purposes of guiding the way of the acolytes and running their monasteries. These positions are given the rank of Grand Master and are all chosen from those who have become masters. The highest positions are those of the two abbots and that of the leader of the mysterious Brethren.  

Origin of the Acolytes


The Flying Ship of Boki

  Boki spread the knowledge of magic, stolen from another god, to those who were not giantkin. This was during the time of the Hrokentorm Empire, an empire of magical giants who once ruled all the world with a ruthless hand and savage magic. It was during their rule that the art of Golem Craft came to be.  
    As the golems became more numerous, and powerful, they were turned into war engines.   Battered wrecks and scraps could be found everywhere.   From these scraps, Boki crafted herself a flying ship.
  All of this she did mostly by mortal means as she had to hide her true self by supressing her powers so no other god would know she was defying The Rule of Godsheim.   Once she completed her ship, she named it "Desh Honka", an Auldewyrm, the First Tongue name meaning "Gray Goose", as the ship could sail on water or in the sky. She then gathered a crew of loyal and devoted humans, gifting each of them a headband of braided leather blessed by her. These minor blessings granted them courage, insight, and tolerance for all climates.   Every voyage meant soaring unnoticed past the cloud cities of the Hrokentorm. Being found by the war golems or Hrokentorm magics would have meant certain destruction.   For three human generations she sailed the world, before taking apart her ship. She scattered the mortal pieces about the world and retreated back to Godsheim.  

Old Fane

  When she left, her crew remained in her hidden mountain top temple.   She never gave it a name, saying that if it had no name it could not be scried for.
  Over time, they stopped thinking of themselves as Boki's crew and started to call themselves Acolytes of Boki.   They even gave the temple a name: Old Fane.
  Old Fane was built into a mountain top in such a way as to be unseen and under sized for giantkin. It is as much a fortress as a temple with enough solid mountain around it to withstand an attack. The path up to Old Fane was made just wide enough for a man to lead a sure-footed donkey along it to prevent giantkin from marching up to it.   The acolytes have since named this path the Long Steep. Their loose-fitting garb is perfect for the Long Steep as it allows the acolytes a full range of motion should they slip on fog dampened rock or need to dodge a loose falling stone.   Still felt driven to carry on the work they had done with Boki, the acolytes took it upon themselves to ensure those who had magic used it according to Her teachings. Even today, those who go the way of the Hrokentorm, by using their magic in terrible ways, are hunted down.  

Expanding Of The Acolytes


Appelkamp Monestary

  As the numbers of acolytes grew, so did their need for greater amounts of supplies. This led to the acolytes building a landing on the Darkwater River, shortening the distance their trains of pack donkeys had to travel overland. Over time, this landing was built up into a monastery they named Appelkamp. At first, it was a place for masters to study in between supply runs. Eventually they, too, began to train acolytes.  
Originally built as a landing on the Darkwater River, the Appelkamp Monastery was dug into the stone bluff of the riverbank in the same manner that Old Fane had been built into a mountain top.   A small rock harbor was built to make it easier for river boats to land but it's still not the easiest place to land.   Despite its small outwardly appearance, Appelkamp Monastery is best known for the library in the catacombs beneath it.
  The Darkwater River runs the length of the Miribex Kingdom and is a major trade route. Being on the Darkwater brought the attention of the Allgods Temple, which controls all religion within Miribex. Unlike Old Fane, which was safely distanced on its mountain top, Appelkamp was forced to join the Allgods Temple and bow to its rules.   Appelkamp not only had to register with the Allgods Temple, they had to pass along a full quarter of their tithes to the Temple. The most visible change the Allgods Temple demanded was for the acolytes to change their garb to something much less ... rustic. After weeks of debate between Appelkamp and Old Fane, a new style for the Garb of the Acolytes was created.  

The Brethren

  One hundred seventy years ago, there was an Appelkamp master named Sainted Father Duno Deerwest who began the Brethren. He taught them to carry out very secret work. Since The End Of Instant, the Brethren have taken to watching out for magic users organized into consortiums and covens who plot to do great terrible magics. The Acolyte numbers are too few to be able to directly confront these groups, but the Brethren are masters at spying and sabatoge in secret.   The Brethren are all Appelkamp members, though some of them were never trained in Appelkamp or even in Old Fane. Instead, they are often trained in the master-to-apprentice style to maintain their secrecy to the rest of the world. Being of such a secretive order, the Brethren only wear their Appelkamp garb when there is need, like formal meetings at an Allgods Temple or the special sevices at Appelkamp or Old Fane.   The masters of the Brethren live as shopkeepers with cellars that are more than just storehouses, or as traveling merchants who do more than sell wares during their journeys.  

Acolyte of Boki (Monk)

An Acolyte of Boki is like all other monks as they carefully study the magic of life within their own bodies called ki. Harnessing this power, they create magical affects used in combat as well as for other situations. Boki is the goddess of secrets and it is because of her determination to remove all demons from the world that her acolytes must learn some magic.   Acolytes study within the temple called Old Fane or the Appelkamp Monastery. Both are in the kingdom of Mirabex where they are trained to the dangers of demons and how to fight them. They are expected to leave the monastery to deal with demons and help those who need it. Their adventures are also seen as personal tests of their physical and spiritual growth. Acolytes are driven to accomplish their great mission but are not above the temptations of fortune and glory. Resisting these temptations are often a struggle despite their mission resting soul-deep within them.
  Acolytes of Boki learn to speak Auldewyrm and to read/write Dracoglyphics.   Dexterity is the most important ability score, followed by Wisdom.   The most common backgrounds are Acolyte (flavored towards monk and not cleric) or Hermit (due to reclusive upbringing in the Appelkamp Monastery).  
hit dice: 1d8 per monk level
hit points at 1st level: 8 + Constitution modifier
hit points at higher levels: 1d8 (5) + Constitution modifier
armor proficiencies: Slicker and Gambeson ONLY
weapon proficiencies: Ah (Dart), Vi'ing (Hand Axe), Ven (Short Sword), Ga'ar (Light Hammer)
tools: Choose one type of artisan tools or one musical instrument
saving throws: Strength, Dexterity
skills: Choose two from Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Insight, Religion, and Stealth
starting equipment:
Start with the following equipment in addition to the equipment granted by chosen the background:

Ven (Shortsword), Vi'ing (Hand Axe), or Ga'ar (Light Hammer)

10 Ah (Dart)

Dungeoneer's Pack or Explorer's Pack

Ki DC: 8 + Proficiency + Wisdom modifier   Ki Spell Attack: Proficiency + Wisdom modifier   Spell casting uses Somantic components only.   AT LEVEL ONE   Cantrips   Dew'l: the acolyte runs on open air and open water at speed for 1 turn as long as the acolyte starts and stops on solid footing.   Mid: the acloyte can Resist ( take 1/2 damage) Blunt, Pierce, Slash until end of next turn.   Sef: 10' one target, ki Spell Attack. Deals 1d6 Force Damage to the target who must make a STRENGTH SAVE DC or be knocked back 10' if of Large or smaller size.   AT LEVEL THREE   Cantrips   Elementia: has several effects   Fa'as: snuff/light a candle, torch, or small campfire.   Moar: shape 1 cubic foot of earth, fire, mist, or water into whatever form the acolyte wishes, lasts 1 minute.   Ru: Chill/ Warm up to 1 pound of non-living material, lasts 1 hour.   Vi'ik: create a Shower of Sparks, Puff of Wind, Spray of Light Mist, or Gentle Rumble of Stone.   Spells   La'as costs 2 ki points: within 120', affect a patch of ice or water to form a bridge or a dip 30' on a side and 15' higher or lower OR cause water or ice within range to turn into ice shards and shoot up to 30' to a target using Spell Attack. The target takes 3d10 Pierce damage plus 1d10 for each ADDITIONAL ki point used.   Nir cost 2 ki points: one object 5lbs or less and not held or carried by a creature within 60' of the acolyte can be send flying at a target with Spell Attack by a flick of an empty hand. Target takes 3d10 Blunt damage.   AT LEVEL SIX   Spells   Grah costs 3 ki points: Concentration 1 hour. An acolyte can vanish an object in their hand. At the end of the spell the object appears at the acolyte's feet unless the object was recalled to hand before then.   Lah costs 3 ki points: up to 2 targets seen within 60' of the acolyte are bound by swirling bands of ki, each target must make WIS DC or be paralyzed. Each target can reroll the WIS DC at the end of each of their turns.   AT LEVEL ELEVEN   Spells   Kyne costs 4 ki points: an acolyte touchs a creature or object, ending all curses on it. If the curse if from another object, the touch ends the attunement to the cursing object.   Nus cost 4 ki points: the acolyte targets a creature/object/magical effect with 120'. Any effect 3rd level or lower is ended. Any effect 4th level or higher, the acolyte must make a WIS DC vs DC: 10 + Wisdom modifier + the spell's level.   Qo cost 4 ki points: the acolyte flourishes their fists and then vanishes to strike like the wind. The acolyte chooses up to 5 creatures they can see within 30', making a melee spell attack against each chosen creature. On a hit, a creature takes 6d10 force damage. The acolyte then teleports to an unoccupied space they can see within 5' of one of the chosen targets whether there was a hit or miss against that creature.   Slen cost 4 ki points: as a Reaction, if the acolyte sees a creature casting a spell, they can attempt to interrupt the casting. Any spell 3rd level or lower is ended. Any spell 4th level or higher, the acolyte must make a WIS DC vs DC: 10 + Wisdome modifier + the spell's level.   AT LEVEL SEVENTEEN   Spells   Klo costs 6 ki points: with a touch, an acolyte can protect the touched creature from death for 8 hours. If the touched creature should drop to 0 Hit Points, they are instead dropped to 1. If an effect would cause instant death, the effect fails.   Nos costs 6 ki points: Concentration 1 minute. With a swish of both empty hands, the acolyte pulls flame, ichor, water, and wind together then extends their ki into it, creating a Huge nebulous and shimmering dragon . The Nos Dragon always makes all its saves and is immune to all conditions and damage. Anyone within 30' of the Nos dragon must make a WIS DC or be Afraid. Every turn, the Nos dragon breath is terrible, and very real. The breath is a 60' cone INT DC for 1/2 dam or take 10d10 damage. The type of damage is Random. Roll percentile: 1-20 Acid, 21-40 Cold, 41-60 Fire, 61-80 Force, 81-100 Lightning. Anyone who takes an action to Investigate DC the Nos dragon realizes its not real and gains advantage on the breath save. This spell is quivalent to a level 8 spell.   Ti'id costs 6 ki points: Concentration up to 10 minutes. Range 120'. With the wave of an empty hand, the acolyte can cause up to 10 sections of 10' x 10' x 6" or 10' x 20' x 3" wall of stone to rise up from the ground. If under a creature, that creature makes a DEX DC to move away. If they fail, the acolyte choses on which side the creature is moved to. If the spell is allowed to reach its end at a full ten minutes, the raised stone walls become permanent.  
class features:
Armor Class: 10 + Dexterity modifier + Wisdom modifier. Can wear Slicker or Gambeson then its 11 + Dexterity modifier + Wisdom modifier   AT LEVEL ONE   Martial Arts: can wear Slicker or Gambeson   Can use Dexterity modifier instead of Strength modifier for attack and damage rolls for Tah (Unarmed Strike), Ah, Ven, Vi'ing, and Ga'ar attacks.   Roll a 1d4 for Tah that changes to 1d6 at 5th level then to 1d8 at 11th level and to 1d10 at 17th level.   When an Attack action is used with a Tah, Ah, Ven, Vi'ing, or Ga'ar, the acolyte can make one Unarmed Strike as bonus action if the bonus action has not yet been used.   AT LEVEL TWO   Zun: when wearing no armor other than Slicker of Gambeson, Speed +10. At Level 6 is + 15. At Level 10 +20. At Level 14 is +25. At Level 18 is +30.   Ki Moves   Fe'im (1 ki point): use Bonus action to Disengage or Dash. Jump distances are doubled.   Sha'an (1 ki point): use Bonus action to Dodge a targeted attack the acolyte can see coming.   Vur (1 ki point): use Bonus action to do 2 Unarmed Strike attacks.   AT LEVEL THREE   Ki Moves   Ha'al: as a Reaction, the acolyte can reduce the damage taken from a missle weapon, including siege weapons, by 1d10 + Dexterity modifier + Acolyte's Level. If this damage is reduced to zero, the acolyte can catch the missle, if its of an appropriate size. For 1 ki point, the acolyte can make a ranged attack with the caught missile.   Mir costs 2 ki points: With the wave of an empty hand, the Acolyte can extend their ki in an unoccupied space beside them in the shape of a Large shimmering, translucent hand. This Mir Hand has an AC: 17 and HP equal to that of the acolyte's total HP. It has a Strength of 20 (+5) and Dexterity of 10 (+0). Requires Concentration for up to 1 minute. As a bonus action, the acolyte can wave their empty hand to make the Mir Hand move at a Speed of 60 and then have it do one of the following which it will continue to do until commanded to do something else.   INTERPOSE itself between the acolyte and another creature. The creature cannot move beyond the Mir Hand unless they roll a Strength check vs the Mir Hand's Strength check and their roll is higher than the Mir Hand's roll.   PUSH AWAY a creature up to 5' + 5' per Acolyte's Wisdom modifier, again required a contest of Strength rolls. If the creature is medium or smaller the Mir Hand has advantage on its roll.   GRABBING a Huge or smaller creature, a contest of Strength rolls is required. If the creature is Medium or smaller the Mir Hand has advantage on its roll. If the Mir Hand wins, the creature is considered grappled and can reroll the contest at the end of each of its turns. With a bonus action, the acoltyte can clench an empty hand into a fist and the Mir Hand will crush the creature for 1d6 + acolyte's Wisdom modifier Blunt damage.   PUNCH a creature using the acolyte's Spell Attack. On a hit, the target takes 2d8 Force damage.   AT Level 6, Mir's Hand AC improves to 18 and its Strength improves to 22(+6). Grabbing damage improves to 2d6 and Punch damage improves to 4d8.   AT Level 11, Mir's Hand AC improves to 19 and its Strength improves to 24(+7). Grabbing damage improves to 3d6 and Punch damage improves to 6d8.   AT Level 17, Mir's Hand AC improves to 20 and its Strength improves to 26(+8). Grabbing damage improves to 4d6 and Punch damage improves to 8d8.   AT LEVEL FOUR   Ability Score Improvement: +2 Ability Points. Gain +2 more points at Levels 8, 12, 16.   Ga'an: as a Reaction, an acolyte can reduce the damage taken from a fall by 5 x Acolyte Level.   AT LEVEL FIVE   Extra Attack (1)   Ki Moves   Zi'i costs 1 ki point: the next successful hit with a Tah, Ven, Vi'ing, or Ga'ar attack Stuns the target unless they succeed at CON DC.   AT LEVEL SIX   Tah attacks are now considered magical.   AT LEVEL SEVEN   Dun: acolyte can now dodge Area of Effect for 1/2 damage. Success = no damage, fail = 1/2 damage.   Yol: as an action, the acolyte can now remove a Charm or Fear effect from themselves.   AT LEVEL NINE   Zun: improves to include moving along vertical or liquid surfaces. Stopping on such surfaces is NOT included.   AT LEVEL TEN   To'or: the acolyte is now immune to Disease and Poison.   AT LEVEL ELEVEN   Extra Attack (2)   AT LEVEL THIRTEEN   Drem: by extending their ki into anothers mind, the acolyte can understand whatever language is spoken by the other creature and the creature can understand whatever language the acolyte is speaking.   AT LEVEL FOURTEEN   Ov: the acolyte is now proficient with all saves. for 1 Ki points, an acolyte can reroll a save and then must use the results from the second roll.   AT LEVEL FIFTEEN   Kri'i: the acolyte no longer ages and can't be aged. The acolyte no longer needs food and water.   AT LEVEL EIGHTEEN   Strun costs 4 ki points: Invisible for 1 minute and resist all types of damage except force damage. For an additional 8 ki points can Astral Project self.   AT LEVEL TWENTY   Beh: if rolling for initiative and have no ki points, gain 6 ki points.  
subclass options:
MONASTIC TRADITION   AT LEVEL ONE   Learn the cantrips Dew'l, Mid, Sef.   AT LEVEL TWO   Ki: Beginning at level two, an acolyte recieves 4 ki points. Each level after two, add two more ki points to the total.   AT LEVEL THREE   Learn the cantrip Elementia.   Learn the spells La'as, Nir.   Ki Moves   Ra'an costs 2 ki points: the acolyte can add 1d10 fire damage to one successful Tah, Ven, Vi'ing, or Ga'ar attack. Add 1d10 for each additional ki point used.   Yah costs 2 ki points: as a Reaction, when an acolyte is struck by spell damage, the acolyte can take 1/2 damage and add 1d6 of the damaging type to their next successful melee attack by the end of their next turn.   AT LEVEL SIX   Learn the spells Grah and Lah.   Ki Moves   Ha'as costs 3 ki points: clapping their empty hands before them, the acolyte creates a 15' cone of thunder. All within the cone must make a CON DC for 1/2 4d8 Thunder damage. Crystalline creatures and objects have disadvantage.   AT LEVEL ELEVEN   Learn the spells Kyne, Nus, and Slen.   AT LEVEL SEVENTEEN   Learn the spells Klo, Ti'id, and Nos.

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