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The Drazari Keepers

The Draxari Keepers are an order of Draxari monks who dedicate themselves to serving the Kithaen Gaurdians. These monks follow the teachings of the Gods' Messengers. The main two duties of the Keepers are to discourage anyone from entering the Kona Mountains and the help facilitate the change from one era to the next.

The Keepers live in and train in temples along the base of the Kona Mountains. These temples are closed to outsiders. The exception to this is the Dragon Pass Temple. During the eighteen days of the Festivities of Change, the Dragon Pass Temple is opened to any and all who wish to celebrate the naming of the next era.

The sterotypical Keeper is seen as bossy, rude, and impolite. Though this may be due to the fact that when the average person meets a Keeper, it is when they are being warned to stay away from the Konas. The monks are well aware that everyone in Kithaen has heard the warnings to keep out of the Kona Mountains and often become kurt with those who willingly choose to ignore those warnings.

Inside the Order

The monks of the Draxari Keepers are simply called Keepers. As the name implies, only Draxari are permitted to join the order. The Keepers believe that their draconic heritage connects them to the Gaurdians. They believe that beacuse of this connection, Draxari are the only ones worthy of contacting the Gaurdians and keeping the mortals out of thier celestial home.

Each temple is lead by a Head Keeper. The Head Keeper of the Dragon Pass Temple is also called the First Keeper and is considered the leader of all Draxari Keepers.

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
The Mountain Wardens

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