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Light of the Sun

The Light of the Sun is a religious order that was founded before history started to be written. They were once formed to fight against the dark gods to prevent their spread and influence. Once the gods left the mortals to their own devices they still kept their oaths. In recent history they are peacekeepers and often hunt the undead and monsters.   Their order is mainly found in the ancient city of Tandari, smaller sects are found in more developed cities such as Je'kal, Branglade, N'varo, and Valandra. Often recruits are found training with the local guards before developing their skills further with highly skilled instructors. Often they go on crusades into Galgorne to purge the high concentration of undead, especially in the Dead Marshes which plauge the land.


The Light of the Sun tends to be zealous in its pursuit to rid the world of evil such as nefarious necromancers and liches. They started to branch out to hunting more foul monsters that dare come to close to towns.

Public Agenda

Their goal is to remove the world's darkness, especially the undead.


The Light of the Sun has a small military branch it uses in order to help guard the religious temples in Tandari. There are small sects in more developed cities as well


THe Light of the Sun was founded to help fight against the rise of necromancers in Galgorne. Once Galgorne has became more peaceful and started to regulate and control local necromancers, they became peacekeepers.

Divine Origins

It is said the order was founded when gods had more direct influence over the land. When gods could not be everywhere and directly fight each other. The Light of the Sun was thus formed.

We shall bring light to the dark corners of the world

Religious, Holy Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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