Tandari is the oldest city located at the heart of the continent of Tandari. The continent itself is named after the city as it was there before any one civilization settled the area. One of the oldest pieces of surviving history is the Hall of Heroes' which only had one tribute to a unknown hero which would later be the basis of the modern calendar. The events of his life and journey spawn the holidays and festivals.  

While it is one of the oldest cities it is also the most technological advanced as hidden deep within the central keep there were automated machines in the form of people. Thus artificers were born and a new era was brought into the world as they are integrated with the local army and guard due to their resistance to arcane and divine forms of magic.  

Law and Government

Tandari is ruled by a council of nobles, merchant lords and people of great influence known as the The Lower Lords. Leading the Lower Lords is the High Lord which holds more voting power compared to the rest. Very rarely has a High Lord been voted out though it is not uncommon for them to step down or be assassinated. The defense and law of the city are ran by the local guards and a army of mechanical soldiers which were found hidden within the Foundry near the discovery of the city.  


The City is divided up into five districts. The largest is the Residential district, which is known for having its Inns, Taverns, and homes of the highly influential. The next largest is the Foundry district. Which is where the mechanical guards are repaired, blacksmiths live and craft, and any kind of mechanical contraption is invented and made. The next is the Arcanium district, which is home to some of the most prestigious mage colleges and bard universities.  Located within this district is a library for most known information and map collection. Next is the Mercantile district  where merchants and caravans try to peddle their goods. Adventurers are most commonly found here as they prepare to head out on their adventures or trying to pawn off whatever treasures they found of the mundane nature. The final district is the Court of the Council at the heart of the city. The High Lord lives here and meets with the Lower lords to discuss the local politics and situations involving Tandari. Most of it is mundane nature such as permits and security meetings unless there is a major threat to it's safety or trade. A recent example was a local gem mine was overrun stopping important spell casting components from heading to town. It is also home of the Temple of the Gods, which is the center of religion in the area.



Culturally it is a melting pot of every since ideology and racial heritage. Most races tend to have boroughs where it is common to see one race over another where it is the most dominant. One of the biggest examples of this would be the  "Steelbelt" which is street located in the Foundry filled with Dwarven Armorsmiths and weapon smiths. While the next street over would be the "Scale Street" which is known for more Dragonborn architecture. The most common and influential races would be Humans, Dwarves, and Dragonborn.

The Humans make up a majority of the Residential District Inns, The Dwarves make up a majority of the Foundry District streets due to their expertise with Metalworking, and the Dragonborns are known for renovating the city with their unique architecture and being shrewd merchants in the Mercantile District.
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