The Narrator

The Narrator Avalon Arcana

Wow, ok, now it's finally time to talk about me. I am Avalon Arcana and I am a dreamer. I grew up in the Hidden city. I haven't been home in a long time. For now, I travel. I travel all over, all around, visiting every nook and cranny. during the night, my dreams haunt me, giving me flashes of pain and misery, sending me to the next place to put in my notebook.

These dreams separated me from the rest of the Stekokin. They have haunted me my entire life, drowning me in their severity. I used to hate them, used to try everything in my power to get rid of them, to ignore the brutality of what they showed me, but it only made them worse. It got so bad it took over everything else. finally, I could ignore it no more. I bought a journal and wrote down all that I could remember. finding clues and comfort in it all being laid out on paper. My dreams called to me, called me to find them.

I Packed my bags, gathering what little I owned, bid goodby to my parents and left, holding my new journal like it was made of gold. From then on, Iv'e been traveling, writing, documenting, finding the details and the story I had been seeing since I was young.

But these dreams aren't the only thing that have made me different, separated me from the rest of stedokin. I never knew my parents, I was found abandoned in The Impassable North. The Stekokin warriors took me in and raised me, teaching me their ways and their world, but something was always off about me. They all moved with such grace and poise, with intention. They knew where they came from and new where they were going. Me? I didn't know either. I was stuck, lost in my mind as something deep called out to me, pulling me away from all I had ever known. It was from this call the dreams began, early a symptom of something deeper. No, I never knew where I came from, nor do I ever truely know where I am going, but now I know I am on the right path.

When I left the Hidden City, I left nameless, without a history to tie me anywhere. Eventually, through my travels, it became apparent I needed a name, something to identify me from the crowd, a name to give me a place. This was no small decision, and I spent much time debating, thinking through who I wanted to me, how I wanted people to see me. It wasn't until I ran into a strange traveler, one who refused to give me her name. She spoke of stories and magic in ways I had never heard of, giving them such life and tangibility that I wanted to imbue that into my life, my words. It was then I took the name Arcana, finally giving me a history.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Well... ok. So being incredibly fit is not a huge value of mine. I'm not saying I am so healthy or anything, I could be considered fit, but not overly so. Thankfully, I am forced to keep a more active lifestyle, walking or running everywhere I want to go, unlike some of the people in my dreams who can move in huge, metal carriages you call cars.

Facial Features

I would say I have a very plain face. Couple freckles, perhaps a hit over bushy eyebrows, and a thinner lips. The only truly notable Part of it is my eyes. Glittering Bright blue, appearing as if drenched in the Arcane. They are dazzling and they are part of the reason people don't question her presence. People with eyes like that are often considered blessed.

Physical quirks

I have a habit of swaying where I stand, always moving with a silent song in my brain.

Special abilities

As I have said before, I dream about others lives, about the end of the 5 Shudake, about the life of a boy and all he has done, all he has affected, and all he set in place.

Apparel & Accessories

I try to stick to simple clothes, non descriptive and easy to travel in. Loose pants, light shirts of either blues or grays. I do like to wear vests, something I picked up from Jack after watching him in my dreams. Always thought they looked nifty. My bag is handmade, with patches of cloths from every place I have been. It is one of my more prized possessions, being a visual representation of my life.

Mental characteristics


I was taught in stedokin schools, given on of the best education systems in my opinion. After that, I learned on the road.


I'm not sure if I would be considered a journalist or an author, but people have paid me for my work and stories so I guess that could be considered a job. Other than that, I have only ever done odd jobs and small side quests for coin or food and a place to sleep.

Wealth & Financial state

I live out of pocket, off of whatever I can make and the kindness of the people around me.
I think around 29
Circumstances of Birth
I was found abandoned as a child in the mountains.
Glittering blue
Thick, curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, though touched by the sun
Known Languages
I Know Common, Deep Speak, Elvish, Dwarvish fluently, though I know enough of other languages to get by when needed.


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