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Folks from hard backgrounds just trying to make ends meet and stay alive another night.

The gutterborn are unfortunate folk who live in the shadows of the streets. They hope to go unnoticed (and unharmed) but strive to walk in the warm sunshine as equals to the rest of the world. Many of them have grown up in the poorest parts of the city and have little education, learning only from others around them.   Overall, the gutterborn are looked down upon by the rest of society as they have a strong stereotype attached to them of being smelly, disease-ridden thieves ("who deserve to be on the street for their crimes"). Whilst this is only true in a handful of cases, the majority of gutterborn folks were simply born into poverty and have to do what they can to survive.  


They are grateful to be alive but desperately wish for a better future. Some are bitter towards those who are more well off than themselves, whereas others see them as opportunities to make coin through work, pleading, favours, or force.   The gutterborn folk get along well with other people facing similar struggles.  
Death is common and an expected inevitability for the gutterborn.
A gutterborn Manavaxian in despair by 3D Model via HeroForge, created by TJ Trewin

Living Conditions

The gutterborn live anywhere that protects them from the endless downpour of rain. They live in larger cities and settlements for the opportunities, but are forced to find refuge under bridges and in shitty back alleys where they don’t impede on other people’s lives. Out of sight and out of kicking distance.   Quality of life varies from city to city, but most folks live in run down buildings or try to rent cheap attic spaces or cellars. Others simply try to survive on the street if they can find a sheltered spot where no one will spit on them or rob their blanket.  

A lifetime of struggles

They are stuck in a poverty loop and are fighting against all the odds stacked against them to survive. What little coin they earn is spent on food or basic clothing before it’s gone again.   In order to get by, they'll try to earn a few coins in the docks doing dirty, heavy work. Children try and earn coin as best they can too by running messages, sweeping chimneys and selling newspapers. The smallest lads will always be used for the grubbiest work like cleaning out ovens or other small spaces.

Gutterborn is a Social Class background available in character creation using the Ethnis Lite RPG setting!

A Brighter Future?

If more shelters and soup kitchens became available, they would be able to save money for better quality of life improvements. Public places of learning and more opportunities for work would help them support their families and future.  


Their dialect is often strong and slurred, with their Gutterborn Slang and terminology sounding obscure and obscene to the outside world.  
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Gutterborn Mantras

Alignment Guide Mantra Fulfilment
Lawful Good “A rising tide lifts all ships.” You are caring and always go out of your way to help others in need. You’re the type of person to check back on people to make sure that they’re still doing okay.
Chaotic Good “I redistribute wealth so that everyone ends up with equally filled pockets.” You are benevolent. When you take wealth from those who no longer need it, you make sure it goes to those who do. Some call it stealing, you prefer to call it “balancing the books”.
Lawful Evil “Broken rules mean broken bones.” You are principled and always stick to the original plan. You never break the law, and will gladly snitch on others if there’s a reward involved. You speak up and try to prevent rules from being broken, sometimes forcefully.
Chaotic Evil “If you don’t take control of your life, someone else will do it for you.” You are non-authoritarian and actively fight the aristocracy, defying their laws. You rebel against people telling you what to do and prefer to do things on your own terms.


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