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Shifting Fruit

A plant native to Korbasa that is a key component in hormone medicines.

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  Shifting fruit is native to the Korbasa region of Anvil and was discovered by Elma Pritchell not long after she discovered the ancient ruined city of Salore.   The fruit grows on an incredibly thorny bush with spines that are long, red, and impalingly sharp. Small white flowers indicate the coming of fruit, which arrive in warmer months as clusters of small round berries. Their colours are unlike any other species in the region - when developing, they all start out as green, but when they ripen it will be either into a vibrant orange colour or an equally eye-catching purple hue.   The orange ones taste floral and almost citrusy, whilst the purple ones taste cherry-like.   After ripening, suddenly the fruit will swap colours (and flavours) completely. Orange changes to purple, and purple changes to orange.   The novelty of the fruit has introduced some fun magic tricks and show-stopping desserts to the dinnertable in Anvil.   The intense aromas and punchy flavours of the fruit make it an alluring aphrodisiac. Theories emerged that the fruit may have a direct impact on hormonal balance, and scientists have now found ways of developing the shifting fruit into shifting medicine that helps with hormone regulation and can even be used over time to shift between sexes.   The plant has become a major export of Korbasa, and many farms have popped up on the mountainous terrain of the country. New variants are being cultivated with cross polination of maisha plants to infuse the shifting fruit with magic essence and intensify its effects.
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