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Ancient Auric

The language used by the lost civilization of The Aurus. The glyphs have been researched by scholars for thousands of years, yet their secrets are still a mystery.

Scholars from across Jolundria have been trying to decode the Ancient Auric language for thousands of years. The spoken word is completely lost to the modern ear, but the ancient glyphs still remain. They want to understand what histories are recorded in the crumbling Auric ruins across Jolundria, and what ancient spells (or curses) they could learn from.   Glyphs were recovered from stone carvings within Auric ruins excavated ever closer to the heart of The Aurus. Any form of scrolls or books were long lost to the water and ice, and a lot of the stone carvings were eroded as well. There may still be further glyphs to uncover as the ice choses to reveal them.  

Decoding the Glyphs

So far, the scholars have recorded a noticeable pattern in these chaotic looking characters.   Each glyph has two open ends (these connect with other glyphs in a big squiggly line of a word), and they all seem to fit on the same structural grid made of horizontal and diagonal lines, confined within a box. Further research has revealed that each glyph is a continuous line that takes five strokes to create, and only has one cross point (where the line crosses over itself).   The use of straight lines in the stonework leave scholars wondering if any round shapes or cursive versions of the glyphs ever existed.   Ancient Auric runes have been seen engraved and enchanted into weapons, armour, locks and other artefacts - though their purpose is unknown.
Ancient Auric Glyphs by TJ Trewin
A scholar's notes depicting individual unconnected glyphs.
Geographical Distribution:
The Aurus
These longer words look like a child's chaotic scribble, especially after we've taken a wall rubbing in charcoal!
Melior (polar centric)

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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I love how the writing looks. The diagonal lines really make it feel different. Is this the sort of thing you'd find running down an enchanted blade to make it more awesome?

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I like it! It's interesting that they all follow a consistent rule (5 strokes, 1 crossing). Is there a cultural reason for that? I feel like there's an opportunity to make a religion out of this! No, but jokes aside, are 5 or 1 culturally important numbers?   The only small critique I would give is that I'm missing a way to actually use the script (like a table to transcribe Latin alphabet into Auric runes). Great job, though! ^^

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