Diara'Seeai (SC'19)

Clean Slate

Written by Steve Tremblay

After the Warforged were created and summarily evicted from Uman' Yiro, the archmages there designed a failsafe device to protect themselves in case of an eventual hostile return.


That event never happened, but after Malchus Grimnas and his group visited the city to ask for assistance in a coming war. The seeds were planted and Archmage Ellanan Duskwalker did show up to the meeting of the war council in Winterhaven.


He met with Malchus secretly, offering him a device called the Diara Si’eye or 'clean slate' that would release a magical virus upon the world. Once released it would cause irrevocable harm and likely death upon any and all warforged with no exceptions. The device is simple to use. Having a top and bottom half to it's decorated circular shape, simply twist the halves until the icons line up and watch the magic happen.


Malchus took the device and while a war waged outside of the walls of Winterhaven, he snuck out of combat and activated it. True to Duskwalkers word within moments the metal soldiers on the field began curling up in pain and falling dead all around.


A simple device, the destruction of an entire sentient race and someone willing to make it happen...for the greater good.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The device has a top and bottom hemisphere with designs all around them. When the halves are turned until they match up, the spell is released.


World Changing

One of a kind
Near weightless
3 inch diameter ball