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The little horse OF DEATH!

In the office of the Emperors in the government building in Rome there is a statue about 20 centimeters tall in bronze of a horse. The horse, which is in a rampant position, has the body and the hind legs slightly bent, and is usually found on the desk, leaning against some other object. Almost all within the administration know its history, which over time has become colored with legend. According to the most widespread version, that horse belonged to the last president of the VII Roman Republic, and General Ailina Dociarta used it during his coup to kill him, since it was the most handy thing. This version obviously does not take into account some details: the first is that during the assault on the government building the future Empress wore her armor as a general, on which she had real weapons at hand, the second is that the last president, Lucius Spurius, died of cancer 5 years after the coup. Some voices, mostly unheard, also claim that all Emperors, once they ascend the throne, must kill someone with that horse. This theory is usually greeted with hilarity by many people, including many Emperors. The true story is more banal and less romantic, and now those who knew it are dead: in fact Ailina Dociarta, then a simple general and not yet Empress, really entered the office to discuss the terms of the Republican government's surrender, and on the desk there really was this bronze horse. However the statue was not used as an improper weapon, simply by gesturing the empress hit it with the reinforced armor, bending it. Years later it was she who put the legend around, imagining that a constant reminder of the violence of her seizure of power could be useful. Since then several emperors, based on their temperament and their interlocutors, have chosen whether to expose it always, never, or only sometimes, and the fame of that object is such as to render more or less veiled verbal threats superfluous.


It can be said it has a lot of political value.

While the statue was something common at the time of its creation, this particular statue is obviously unique.
4 kg.
21 cm tall

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