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Eastern Dawn Fountain

Irisport, 192, 17th day of the 8th month,   The Human engineers arrived and should start working on the plans in a few days, after getting some rest. On our side, we managed to calm the last few reticent to the project and received the crown's fund. My excitement is palpable, as this will be a -I hope- long-lasting landmark of our new friendship with the Seaglow Coalition!
  The Eastern dawn fountain was built shortly after the first contracts between Gérouns and Humanity were signed. The Menicean realm and the Seaglow coalition agreed on building monuments to the birth of a new massive commercial relationship.   The Fountain is five meters high and ten meters large, proudly standing in the middle of the upper district of the city. It is decorated with many sculptures, mainly Gérouns, Humans, and Morknars working together to improve Meniceans' quality of life.  


Shortly after Humanity arrived in Menicea, a cultural shock resonated throughout the whole continent. Gérouns always believed that the seas carried nothing but dangers, so when their prophet himself told them to fear nothing from Humans, some of them were confused.   A lot of resistance against the welcoming of foreign species in Irisport was encountered in the years following the encounter. Back then, locals were even more conservative than they are today, and it was not rare that lonely, curious humans got assaulted in the streets.   The Fountain was ordered to become a beacon of friendship between the species. A way to symbolize that despite their origins for overseas, Humans and Morknars could improve the Menicean technology and thus their everyday life.   At the same time that the monument was built, the city's water distribution infrastructures got renovated. As they live in the desert, having facilitated access to drinkable water changed everything for Irisans. This, among many other things, had the effect of drastically ease the tension with the other species.
Current Location
10x10x5 meters


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