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Dunnal the Hidden Blade

Among the Weiltborn there are six who openly rule the elves of Gedic. Rumors persist of a sixth but only a select few know the truth, Dunnal the Hidden Blade is the seventh artefact.  


When the Elves and other mortal races won the Breed War the scattered tribes of elves had little to return to, for their lands had been hit hardest by the war. Lost and seeking leadership the assembled tribes asked the seven greatest heroes, wielders of the magic artefacts that have saved their species to rule over them. Six agreed to do so but Dunnal still sought to protect the tribes of elf and could not do so if he were to lead. Instead the six remainder went their separate ways while Dunnal crossed the continent search for Fey and foe alike. It was Dunnal who kept the other Weiltborn appraised of each other working tirelessly to insure all elves were safe. It was also Dunnal who organized the gatherings of Weiltborn when the Green arose. While the mortal races fought goblin, orc, and troll it was Dunnal who slipped behind enemy lines and slew their leaders.   Eventually Dunnal did die but his successor came to the Weiltborn announcing she had taken over for the weiltborn as Dunnal the blade had chosen her as the successor. Soon after Siora much like Dunnal chose to allow the artefact choose the next successor though the weiltborn of Dunnal was the one to take the weapon to a remote location for someone to find it. In time there was peace though mostly thanks to the efforts of those who used Dunnal the hidden blade, only once did Dunnal strike at another weiltborn who threatened to abandon their duties to the Elven Magocracy and take the artefact with them. Today Dunnal and it's Weiltborn are secrets of the Even Nations who work in the shadows insuring the human governors do not bring too much suffering to their elven chargs. Already once a governor had accidentally fell off his balcony supposedly drunk, though the fall hide fatal blade wound from Dunnal.The current weiltborn is Tem Lios an young half elf who takes the job seriously concealing her identity and half breed features under the guise that the Weiltborn cannot lie about her if they truely do not know who she is.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Weiltborn who bear Dunnal the Hidden Blade are able to hide better within darkness. Those who begin their mission with Dunnal find themselves more susceptible to bright lights and become uncomfortable when standing in sunlight.   After one have proved themselves willing work for the greater good of elves Dunnal will begin to awaken and whisper secrets to the Weiltborn. One such secret is the ability to summon darkness from within the blade blinding all but the weiltborn. While the magical darkness can still be dispelled by magical light or a stronger spell that can banish the darkness.   After slaying a sworn enemy of elves the artefact will regain a measure of it's power and memories of old aiding the weiltborn with a measure of it's knowledge and power. With this knowledge the Weiltborn can step into one shadow and appear from another shadow hundreds of feet away. Their skin itself will darken as they become harder to see when they attempt to hide though their sensitivity to light will become worse.   Finally when the weitborn sacrifices something of great importance to them for the furthering of elves Dunnal will regain it's full memories and bond with the weitborn allowing greater control over the shadows creating a stronger zone of darkness than before. The weiltborn will be able to transform into a shadow for a short period of time becoming immune to most damage though a bright light can severely harm the weiltborn and return them to their normal form.


Those who wield this dagger become the assassin for the Elven Magocracy. While other's who bear an artefact are Weiltborn those who use Dunnal are hidden from all save the other Weiltborn and a select few.

Item type
Current Location
Owning Organization
Elven Magocracy
1/2 lb
18 inches

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