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Tree of Remembrance

If one were to visit one of the primary hubs of the government they would find some of the walls have an eerily beautiful mural painted on them in the halls of the inside. Like the canopy of a tree. The individual leaves all, some how, stand out among each other and they seem to flutter in a nonexistent breeze. The work of art is, obviously, an enchanted painting. At least, on it’s surface.   Each and every different instance of the moving painting actually connects back to the primary hub’s core. In secret areas, that no one outside of the organization even knows exists, the true purpose of the tree comes to light.   Created sometime in the middle of the war of the Last Days, the wall is an omage to those that had lost their lives in the line of duty. Each and every leaf represents an individual who had made the ultimate sacrifice for their kingdom. But, unlike front line soldiers that were given grand send offs with military funerals. The individuals represented in the tree have not, and would never, receive such recognition.   For they worked in the shadows.   Each of the leaves represents an agent that worked in counter intelligence. They specialized in subterfuge and unconventional warfare. Their goals were not to inflict mass casualties. Their goal was a simple one: bring an end to the war. And they did what they could to bring such dreams to fruition. And, in doing so, lost their lives.   Many of them died in the line of duty while under cover. And, in order to keep their true involvement and loyalties secret, the information about who they really were is being buried. But, it is not forgotten. The plan is to eventually allow all of the records to be released. So everyone may see their gallantry, heroism, and sacrifice they made for the greater good.   But the war came to an end without them, and not in the way any of them would have wished. And now the Tree of Remembrance sits forgotten by the world, except by a few. A few that are still trying to make the world a better place. And, once accomplished, they will give their fallen comrades the honors they are long past due.   But, first, they have to make sure the world isn’t going to end.   Alternately referred to as: “The Tree” or “Forrest of the Dead”

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27 Jul, 2019 12:18

Liked the idea of an enchanted painting, and then that it is a kind of hidden memorial, hiding the identities of those it commemorates until their files are realised. very cool!

9 Sep, 2019 01:40

Thanks! I've been hammering at the world, and this particular section, of it for a while. Figured it was a perfect way they would do it, given the duality of their existence as a whole.