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Forge Hammer of Solus Prime

The legendary first transformers were the 13 Primes. Among them was Solus Prime, the builder. She, as she referred to herself, was created with the hammer in hand by Primus and was of course suitably reluctant to be away from it.   With it she could forge nearly any object she knew the blueprint for out of the raw materials of the planet itself. And if the legends are true used it to forge all the weaponry and unique artifacts of her fellow 13 primes. Even going so far as to craft semi-sentient space ships to bring the fight to their ultimate foe Unicron.   Its ability to create was coveted by its wielder's friend Megatronus as he wished to go to the stars and bring all the stars under their guidance but was unable to activate the hammer. The fight between Megatronus and Solus ended with her life and her hammer being lost.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Unknown to everyone the hammer is alive with its own spark and the reason it works so well is that its spark creates a small amount of pure energon to inject through its surface into that which the wielder is working on. The act of hammering with force not truly needed as the hammer interprets the wielder's desires into forging the item below.   While this process works on most materials it works nearly instantly on Cybertonian metals.


Culturally one of the weapons of the first transformers and missing since the primes fell.
Item type
Unique Artifact
To anyone but a Prime its weight is seemingly infinite.
5 ft tall, hammer head is two and a half foot at its widest
Raw materials & Components
The shaft is made of common Cybertron metal that is unique only because it does not rust without a sign of a spark. The hammerhead, however, is a golden metal with swirling and glimmering runes carved into it.


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